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For this asan, you have to be in posture of padmasan. Seated in this position,taking your hands backwards catch the wrist of your left hand with your right hand.Then straighten your back and raise your shoulders. Inhale slowly.Then

bend your body forward from the waist keeping your backbone straight and exhale.Now slowly touch the ground with your forehead raising your locked hands high up . Try to stay in this posture for a while. Inhale and Exhale slowly.Now

Now, return to your…


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"You yourself have to open your own spiritual door of light located on the third eye centre to enter the eternal blissful everlasting spiritual empire of the Supreme…


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Do yoga to loose weight.

Yoga also known as dynamic yoga is the latest way of getting fit. It is fast becoming a popular way to fight obesity and lose weight. The core of yoga is Ashtanga yoga and is best if you want a shapely body or shed extra pounds. It is sharper and more intense than the routine yoga and can be practiced by anyone.

So if you want to enjoy the yoga benefits, keep the following useful tips in mind.

• Select open ground like garden, building terrace etc. as it will encourage you to…


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Chakra articles


I've added some articles on chakras to the Yoga Vidya English website:

I hope you will read and be inspired by them!

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Asana Intensive - just finished

OM - loving greetings from Westerwald. We've just finished a very inspiring "Asana Intensive" here at Haus Yoga Vidya - especially inspiring for me, as teaching always pushes me to practice a bit more intensively. I'll be teaching a similar seminar in Bad Meinberg during the last week of July.

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Your body is a subtle and powerful antenna that is continually receiving energy and also transmitting it. Mudras are hand positions that seal psychic energies into specific channels; they powerful spiritual tools that assist you in purifying your physical, mental and psychic bodies. They can enable you to receive, transmit and utilize energy more efficiently. With regular practice, mudras can sharpen and expand your inner awareness. They help you to restore balance within your physical body,… Continue

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Easy Relaxation--Respiration

The practice of respiration is taken for granted by us.The process of respiration can be converted by us into a relaxation practice.

Be aware of the breathing process.Cool air going in through the nostrils during inhalation and warm air being eliminated through the nostrils during exhalation.


Now become aware of the oxygen and prana being inhaled by the lungs during inhalation and be aware of the carbon dioxide and toxins being eliminated during…


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Easy Relaxation-Breath Visualisation

People who wish to relax but find it hard will be able to do this simple practice.
Keep spine straight.
Visualise the breath going in and out of the left nostril.Follow it and count the breath.Now visualise the breath going in and out of the right nostril.Follow it and count the breath.
This simple practice balances your breathing in both nostrils.
It is relaxing and can be done by anyone,anywhere.

Added by Nalini Sahay on March 30, 2011 at 10:48am — 5 Comments

Ek padangustasana( Tip toe pose )

This asanas is done by putting complete body weight on the big toe of the foot and hence is called Padangustasana.

How to do it: Sit down on the ground and put the right leg over the left thigh. Now lift the heal of the leg from the ground. Bring the heal of the leg between the testicles and the anus… Continue

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Easy Relaxation--Breath Awareness

In order to relax the first practice to be done is Breath Awareness.

1.Become aware of your breath.Breathe in and out comfortably without strain.No effort is to be made.Be aware of the breath flowing in and out of the nostrils.With each inhalation be aware of the prana and oxygen in each breath.Be aware of the exhalation with toxins and carbon-dioxide.

2.This simple practice done for 10 minutes will relax and calm you.If you can count your breath and practice 54 rounds it is even… Continue

Added by Nalini Sahay on March 28, 2011 at 8:58pm — 2 Comments

Chidakasha Dharana --practice for children

Chidkasha Dharana is a great practice to teach children to think creatively.They are very receptive to instructions which they will enjoy following.

1.Ask them to close their eyes and gaze at the space in front.The chidakasha explanation must be kept as simple as possible.

2.Tell them to visualise different colours and let them play with the colours.

3.Now ask them to think of any other object or creature.

4.Ask them to gaze at it and then go back to the colours.

5.Now… Continue

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Loving greetings from Auroville


All London airports were closed last weekend, and I worried about flying on Monday. But then my flight left "only" 3 hours late - just as the snow began again.

I was happy to spend a few days in Chennai and even happier to arrive in Auroville yesterday. This morning we had a beautiful meditation in the Matri Mandir, followed by lunch at the solar kitchen. Unfortunately, we can't stay very long - so off to Tiruvannamalai tomorrow.

Added by Swami Saradananda on December 26, 2010 at 12:54pm — 1 Comment

Today is Skanda Shashti - the Festival of Subrahmanya, Murugan, Skanda

Today is Skanda Shashti according to Tamil Calendar. Skanda is the God of Enthusiasm, of Youthfulness. Workship of Skanda gives courage and the power to develop good virtues. Skanda is also called Murugan, Sharavanabha, Subrahmanya. Watch a slide show:

Mehr Yoga und Ayurveda Fotos findest du auf Yoga Vidya Community… Continue

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The God and The Soul Do these Exist?

[A] Does the God really exist and does the Soul exist with a basic independent identity?

1. Yes, the god does exist and does not exist! Also, it is in a continuous state of both the existence and the non existence!

(a). The god exists if one imagines the basic energy underlying this universe to be some conscious independent identity like we humans! It is so because this Supreme Conscious energy has the mystical power to…


Added by SWAAMEE_APRTEMAANANDAA_JEE on November 7, 2010 at 6:30am — No Comments


Zooterapia para niños autistas


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A contented mind is a continuous feast. A man of contentment is always peaceful. Knowledge of the Self will arise only in a man who is endowed with contentment.

Contentment is the sweet ambrosia to allay all kinds of physical and mental sufferings and tor¬ments. He who is not desirous of what he does not have, who is free from elation and dejection, is said to be a contented man. Glory to such exalted souls!

From "Daily Sayings" by Swami Sivananda (1987-1963). More Informations on… Continue

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Anger as a result of meditataion


I had an interesting question today, so I thought I'd share the answer:

Ques: twice after meditation I found myself very angry and I tried to express it in a safe way but did bite my husband's head off. Any thoughts on the matter. (from Judy in New Zealand)

S.S. ans:
Yes, I do have very definite thoughts on the matter. Anger seems to be a VERY common reaction to meditation. People are usually confused by it, as you expect medtation to make you… Continue

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He who is without the sense of "mine"-ness will not be bound by Karmas, whether he dwells in his house or wanders in forests.

Control the elephant of pride with the spear of firmness. Tie it to the post of the Lotus Feet of the Lord with the cord of devotion.

At the time of death, neither education nor titles can help you. It is only the remembrance of the Lord's Name that can help you to get eternal joy. So, always remember the holy Name of Rama.

From "Daily Sayings" by… Continue

Added by Teachings of Swami Sivananda on October 14, 2012 at 7:00pm — No Comments

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