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Combined Benefits of Yoga Practices and Ayurveda Teachings

Yoga has taken globe by storm. The wide range of people who practice quite a few kind of yoga has twofold during the last five years, and has grown to be expected in billion. Three fourths of health and fitness organizations offering yoga sessions, and yoga turned out to be known as among the two fastest-flourishing sections of the exercise enterprise.

Whilst many look at yoga as a milder way to exercise, a lot of long-time experts believe that yoga is not just physical — it results…


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Where to Download Best yoga video for men?

Yoga is one of the most effective exercises for overall health. As effective as it is for women, it is equally so for men. From the comfort of your home, it’s possible to get results with a few minutes of dedicated practice. Here are a few tips to help you look for the best yoga video. …


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How to Choose Best Online Yoga Classes for Men?

With the United Nations declaring June 21 as the International Yoga Day, Yoga has become immensely popular and is much in vogue these days. It is a complete way to stay all hale and hearty. In the stressful and busy lives, with equally busy schedules, it becomes difficult to take out time to actually enroll oneself in the yoga classes.

In the digital and internet savvy world of today, you need not even go out the…


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Yoga means to yoke or "unite".

yoga unites our mind ,body & spirit into oneanother.

To gain peace of mind,concentration,serenity & yoga.


Its anti aging

balance the body either reduce weight or gain weight.

all internal organs revitalised.

built up stamina.

relieeves all muscular & joints pain.

sugar & B P controls.

hormonal imbalance.


peace of…


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yoga essence

Scientists estimate that an average person has 50,000 thoughts each day. Most of these thoughts serve only to avoid the opportunity of living and appreciating the present moment.

The root of yoga is to still the mind without distraction and be in the present moment.

Yoga can make life extraordinary by opening up creative channels by removing dark and cloudy layers of perception and negative thought processes.

As long as one can breath, one can practice yoga.

Yoga is great…


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Yoga meditation

Meditation is the key that unlocks the door to the Self.It is through meditation that we can experience oneness with the Universal Brahman and experience our Self as everyone and everything. Meditation is a fantastic tool in our yoga tool box along with asana which is used to prepare our body for long periods of sitting in Lotus pose. Asana is a body purifier and meditation is the mind purifier. It is through meditation that we can wash our minds clean by clearing out false impressions and…


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Who Is Your Best Doctor?

Who is your best doctor?…


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Happy birthday

Dear Sukadev,

i wish you a happy birthday and lots and lots of years in the mood of sat chit ananda.

your Eduard

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