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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course In Rishikesh India

Welcome to Om yoga Academy, where we offer students the opportunity to experience one of the most unique, genuine & affordable yoga teacher training courses in Rishikesh. We provide 28 days of International Yoga Alliance Certified intensive 200 hours Hatha Yoga Teacher's Training. This is a residential course, which focuses deeply on yoga as a practice and also a lifestyle We encourage our students to explore their practice and connect with their inner strengths to hone their skills as future yoga teachers. The environment of the school is made conducive to learning and create a strong foundation for the students Saadhna.

Our school is surrounded by the Holy River, Ganga and the Himalayan mountains,This holy place has been home to millions of yoga practitioners, teachers and students for over a number decades. The enriched land of Rishikesh is also known as the Yoga Capital of World. We have been associated with a strong yoga community within rishikesh and bring in some of the finest teachers in the capital for regular and guest classes. Our efforts are invested in ensuring that our students have a pleasant and fulfilling experience. The rigorous schedule entails classes, lectures and recreational activities, while providing students the time to also develop an insight into the indian culture, traditions and heritage. We believe in a holistic approach to learning and adopting Yoga as a lifestyle and encourage our students to develop an understanding of yoga beyond the asana practice.

Our 200 hours OM YOGA ACADEMY Certification Training offers:

- 200 Hours International Yoga Certification through the yoga Alliance
-One of most genuine yoga teacher training offered systemized & well-managed setting -A complete overview of Asana (basic to advance), yoga anatomy, yoga philosophy, pranayama, meditation & kriya.
A special class every Saturday:

-1st week Ayurveda special lecture about Dosha, nutrients & food in the yogic point of view & self massage - 3 hours.
-2nd week Hatha flow by lead trainer - introduce different sequence of flow(e.g. standing flow, sitting flow etc..) - 2 hours.
-3rd week Alignment & adjustment, coordinating with Yoga anatomy by lead trainer & anatomy teacher. it will deepen the understanding of asana & body movement with demonstration and theory & ppt. presentation
-a complete teaching mythology on extensive teaching session that enlevels you to upgrade teaching sill, verbal & non-verbal expression & mindful approach to people with respect, awareness & responsibilities.
-Experience Indian culture which are Fire Puja & Fire Ceremony in the beginning & ending of the each course.

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