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Although it may sound to be a very simple matter yet the process of passing out the excreta from one’s body isn’t that simple!
Almost every one stands up or come out of the lavatory immediately after having eased one’s own self. Only a few of us take some more time before cleaning our anus, washing hands and moving out of the lavatory.
Your intestines, small and big, remain almost clean along with the rectum if you are in the habit of passing out the waste or the stool out of your rectum and colon each morning and evening.
In the second scenario, some of us pass out the faeces only once each day in the morning. This is where the real problem arises.
The waste material resulting from the food eaten in the previous morning is pushed forward and gets deposited in the rectum and colon by the next morning. On the other hand, the waste material resulting from the food eaten in the evening may still be in transition and may not have reached the rectum and colon by the next morning.
When the person in the second scenario visits the lavatory then the waste material deposited in the rectum and colon is flushed out. This may give the feeling that the whole waste products have been flushed out of the body. But, the waste material resulting from the food eaten in the evening which is still in transition hasn’t still made its way out.
So, what to do next?
Here, the basic knowledge of the Yoga helps. Keep sitting in the lavatory for some more time, cover your nostrils with some sanitary tissue paper/handkerchief and slowly move your tummy forward and backward 5-10 times in rhythm with the inhaling and exhaling.
This process coupled with strong voluntary movement of the intestines with the help of the Strong Will-Power/Mind-Power makes the remnant residual waste material lying in the small and big intestines move forward and finally thrown out of the body.
Thus, the whole waste material resulting from the food eaten in the morning and the evening the previous day is flushed out of the rectum and colon by following the simple inhaling and exhaling Yoga Exercise.
~ Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee

(foto: Courtesy Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee)

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