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A large number of people all over the world suffer from the Asthma. The patient’s life become horrible if it becomes acute.
Many allopathic remedies are available to provide the temporary symptomatic relief to the patient of the Asthma. However, the allopathic treatment has its own adverse and negative side effects. Moreover, the allopathic treatment merely treats the symptom and not the factual actual root cause.
The Ayurveda, the time-tested and centuries-old ancient Bharatiya system of medicine not only treats the symptom but removes the root-cause of the disease itself! The treatment is slightly longer compared to the Allopathic system.
According to authentic Ayurveda-Texts, the Asthmatic patient may be prescribed the following effective treatment based on the effective use of the lemon: Take one cup of very hot water, juice from half a lemon, one tablespoon full of ginger-juice, two tablespoon full of pure honey. Mix all these four ingredients. The patient must sip the resultant mixture slowly. The patient must do this each morning and evening till getting cured of the Asthma.
The Ayurvedic treatment described above is quite useful for the patients suffering from the heart-ailments and high blood-pressure, too!
This instant article is indicative in nature. No doubt, even the self-treatment based on this article shall certainly help the patient.
However, the Asthmatic patient would do well to visit some really competent and well-trained Ayurvedacharya or the Ayurveda-Practitioner, also as the Ayurvedacharya would be in the best position to guide the most effective course of the treatment by adopting a holistic approach in terms of examination of the pulse-rate and other aspects related to the Asthmatic patient.

~ Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee

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Comment by Dr SWAAMEE_APRTEMAANANDAA_JEE on July 16, 2017 at 1:45pm

The Ayurvedic Treatment for curing the Asthma mentioned in the present write-up is sourced from the AAROGYA-ANKA published by the Gita Press Gorakhpur.

Special thanks to The Gita Press Gorakhpur for their generosity!


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