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Mantras, Sanskrit (8)

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Mantras only in Sanskrit?

Mantras are words of power used in Meditation, for recitation, for chanting. Usually I am told Mantras should be recited in Sanskrit. I not…

Started by Michael Linde

34 Jun 1, 2016

Energy of a Mantra

We hear any word and have an emotional reaction to it. This is because we are conditioned by OUR experiences connected to that word AND the…

Started by Angela Ditch

1 Apr 9, 2013
Reply by Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda

Shankaracharya, Master of Vedanta

Please post Infos on Shankaracharya, the great Master of Vedanta. Adi Sankara lived, according to some traditions 799-820 C.E. He was a gre…

Started by Sukadev Bretz

13 Dec 4, 2011
Reply by Arun Kapania

It happens in Sadhana

One year back, in a inaugural ceremony of wall calendar with a general discussion on the benefit of the most known asana “Surya Namaskar” h…

Started by Kriyananda Maharshi Dayananda

18 Aug 30, 2011
Reply by Tzen Vallok

Where to get mantra mp3 files?

Any site for downloading powerful mantra MP3? This question was asked by facebook - here are some answers - do you hve any more suggestions…

Started by Editor Yoga Vidya

5 Aug 30, 2011
Reply by Tzen Vallok

Mantra Diet -

THE Mantra Diet: True Wealth and Health Loose Karmic weight Feasting on Enlightened SOUND! AS THE FIRE OF DIGESTION BURNS UP FOOD INTO ENE…

Started by Madhavananda Das

2 Aug 30, 2011
Reply by Tzen Vallok

subhāṣitāni (2)

सुभाषितानि subhāṣitāni (2) बालादपि सुभाषितम् bālādapi subhāṣitam even from a child (may come) a witty saying / a good counsel bālāt { a…

Started by Vivekadeva

0 Feb 10, 2009

subhāṣitāni - bon mots (1)

विवेकसिंह vivekasiṃha (nome spirituale di Viveka Deva) सुभाषितानि subhāṣitāni (1) Domanda: come si aquisisce il sapere (vidyā)? Rispos…

Started by Vivekadeva

0 Feb 10, 2009


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