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how to avoid getting lower back pain while doing yoga,av no previous history of back pain,only smtimes after doing yoga i develop bk pain,how to avoid.can i do flow yga if i aav a weak back?

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It is very common now that people are facing the lower back problem. In the modern era many people live their half of the daily routine by sitting on the chair in front of the desktop which lead to the lower back pain. The best way to reduce or get rid from the lower back pain is by doing yoga. Yes yoga is right therapy for the lower back pain and it gives the effective results by reduce the pain of lower back. If you also face the same situation of lower back, then yoga is your only option. I am going to tell you some yoga asanas which you can practice for curing the lower back pain.

  • Downward Facing Dog
  • Child Pose
  • Pigeon Pose
  • Triangle Pose
  • Cat Pose
  • Cow Pose
  • Upward Facing Dog


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