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Namastey Everyone,

I am new to yoga and willing to be involved into Power Yoga.

Could you please suggest me if it's ok for the beginners or not. If not how must I proceed.

Thanks ~
Deepak Arora

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If you are new to yoga, I wouldn't really recommend beginning with power yoga. The power yoga is characterized by vigorous exercises which challenges your physical and mental ability and concentration. This enables you to reach your inner power and connect with it.

The difference of power yoga is that the poses are done faster in a pace. This practice is essential and helpful in increasing your physical endurance.

Power yoga enables you to maintain and keep up a good focus at a longer time without breaking or distracting your concentration. Thus, Power yoga is considered a good training for athletes.

You can read more about 
power yoga before you decide to proceed.

Hope this helps!

I also wanted to know more about power yoga.

Hey deepak,

If you have just started off your yoga sessions, i would suggest you that power yoga is absolutely right yoga form for you as it has some powerful exercises which challenges your physical and mental ability.
Power yoga is also known as Ashtanga yoga, which is similar to other forms of yoga like hatha yoga. Moving from pose to pose in a smooth way, ashtanga creates a flow in the body. As a result, stress and tension are released from the body and mind.
So, it is ideal form of yoga for both beginner and advanced yogis. To learn more about it, you can also visit Turiya Yoga.

Thanks for sharing this great piece of post. I am a dentist and I do belive that the yoga is the solution for every health and mental problems.

The PowerYoga movements are extremely helpful for beginners, who wish to start practicing yoga but don't have any prior experience. Power Yoga flows in a graceful sequence of yoga asanas. However they are done together in a dynamic and challenging way. In Power Yoga stamina introduces the practitioner to Surya Namaskar.


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