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It's difficult to choose a yoga center for teacher training.

It's rather difficult to trust.

But I've a solution.

Select a yoga center which has good reviews and find & ask people their experiences with the center.

I'm sharing my experience here.

I've completed my 200 hr ashtanga yoga with YogaDhyan, in Dharamshala.

The teachers are very experienced and they teach yoga with ease.

The food was hygienic and delicious.

Accommodation was superb.

And most importantly, they've students from all around the globe. So I made few international friends also.😅

They've their second center at Goa.

And I'm pretty sure the facilities will be similar.

If you're looking for Hatha Yoga or Ashtanga Yoga, I recommend YogaDhyan.

PS : This is only to help people with personal experience and nothing otherwise.

Happy Yoga :) 

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