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Article about horse yoga:
One of our facebook friends posted this article and received several replies - what are your comments?

Robert: I think that people should be more realistic. Stick with the real techniques learned from an authentic Guru.
Probably tomorrow we will see a camel yoga or motorcycle yoga :) That's for the entertainment TV shows not for a spiritual practice ...:)

Suzia: he must get pain in doing horse yoga..

Mercedes: i feel sorry for the horses.

Chetankumar: This is absurdddddddd!!!!!!!!!
Dat was not yoga of any any any kind.
This video does not deserve 2 b on this wall.
Why r we preaching wrong Yoga.

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Yes, it's try, authenticity and tradition is important. Animal therapy is a long-standing tradition though, too. And personally, I have to say that I did a workshop "Yoga with horses", and it was more restorative than lying over a bolster or a block. From my own experience, I can say, it is very very relaxing, and it sort of lets you experience "oneness". As for the well-being of the animals, I think they benefit of this relationship, too, because the more you listen to its breath, and feel the horses warmth, the more you really understand it.

As to whether you can really call it Yoga, is just a linguistic playing around though, too. Of course you could just call it therapeutic horseback riding. I guess what counts is the same as with just every kind of Yoga: the attitude and feeling (bhava) you bring to it.

Om Shanti, to all beings,
Bianca Nandini
Om Bianca Nandini,
I really like your comment in the second paragraph about calling it yoga or not, and it is the bhava that counts. Thank you.


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