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ShreeMada Daevee Bhaagawata

'ShreeMada Daevee Bhaagawata' has numerous amazingly useful methods of YOGA like Ashtaanga Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Vaayu-Dhaarannaa Yoga,Chetta-Dhaarannaa Yoga, Avayava Yoga. DIVINE MOTHER says,"Yoga is the Union [Oneness] of JEEVA & AATMAA".

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'ShreeMada Daevee Bhaagawata' is a spiritually enlightening ancient Indian spiritual text on all matters about the Loving-Kind-Compassionate-Merciful DIVINE MOTHER, authored by the Great author Vaeda Vyaasa.

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Comment by Dr SWAAMEE_APRTEMAANANDAA_JEE on August 27, 2010 at 7:11pm
'SHREEMADA DAEVEE BHAAGAWATA', the ancient Indian spiritual text on all the matters pertaining to the LOVING, KIND, COMPASSIONATE, MERCIFUL DIVINE MOTHER, by the Great Indian spiritual author Vaeda Vyaasa contains the INFORMATION on many useful methods of the YOGA like ASHTAANGA YOGA, MANTRA YOGA, VAAYU-DHAARANNA YOGA, CHETTA-DHAARANNA YOGA, AVAYAVA YOGA.

The DIVINE MOTHER says, "The Yoga is not in the AAKAASHA [Sky], not in the PRTHEVEE [Earth] and not in the PAATAALA [Nadir].......The AEKATAA [ONENESS] that exists between the JEEVA [Personsl Self] and the AATMAA [Supreme Self] is the YOGA."

The 'SHREEMADA DAEVEE BHAAGAWATA' is considered to be the BEST and HOLY of all the PURAANNas. It has 18,000 SHLOKAs [Verses] in the Sanskrta language. It is called the BRHMAVEDHYAA, also.


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