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 Hello, everybody!


 Could you please tell me if somebody knows treatment for psoriasis?

Wish you nice summer days! All the best!


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I have suffered from psoriosis for over 30 years and it comes and goes with the seasons. This year it has been particularly bad and even sunshine and fresh air weren't doing their stuff. I've started using Neem Cream from The Neem People ( and it takes away the dryness and the associated itchyness. I would recommend it. I also use Squeky Green shampoo bar from Lush ( and so far it is the only thing that has ever helped my scalp - no more flakiness, itchyness, weeping cracks around the ears! Other than that - chocolate and alcohol make it worse, stress definately affects it so I do yoga (of course) and meditate. Hope this helps - let me know if you find any other good remedies. Take care.

Even i am suffering from psoriasis.... everyone is telling this skin problem is not completely curable.. please let me know if there is any medicine which can cure psoriasis...

Thank you,



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