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    3 members Latest Activity: Jul 28, 2014

    As molecular biology, biochemistry and genetics advance, nutrition has become more focused on the steps of biochemical sequences through which…

  • The Science of Kriya Yoga

    4 members Latest Activity: Jul 28, 2014

    The science of Kriya Yoga, mentioned so often in these pages, became widely known in modern India through the instrumentality of Lahiri Mahasaya,…

  • Holi

    53 members Latest Activity: Apr 23, 2016 This festival is about letting go whatever has happened and enjoy life together with friends and family.

  • Karma

    72 members Latest Activity: Jul 14, 2016 Karma is one of the natural laws of the universe. It simply means "cause and effect."

  • Himalaya Yoga(Hatha yoga )

    13 members Latest Activity: Jan 4, 2011 I am AMIT SINGH BISHT Introduction myself:- i was born in Rishikesh ( INDIA). it is very pure city good way for yoga .there are many…


    105 members Latest Activity: Feb 16, 2016

  • Ramana Maharshi

    68 members Latest Activity: Feb 16, 2016 Ramana Maharshi ´s life,and teachings

  • Paramahansa Yogananda

    35 members Latest Activity: Apr 12, 2016 A Place for Paramahansa Yogananda Devotees

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