As a well-trained yoga-practitioner, you must keep your stomach clean and empty while performing various Yogasanas (physical postures) and the Praannaayaamas (breathing exercises).
It is a general knowledge that within 5-6 hours of the food having been eaten it is digested and the residual is deposited as the waste material or the excreta into the large intestines, colon or the rectum. This means that you must normally act to pass out the faeces after 5-6 hours of the food having been eaten.
However, what is not generally known is that many a times the food eaten is acted on faster by the mechanical and chemical reactions of the digestive system.
This leads to the formation of the waste material much earlier than the general time period of 5-6 hours. This may accelerate the pushing-forward of the waste products with the help of the involuntary muscle movement and the gas produced.
Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee’s theory and explanation
The altered pattern of the digestive system indicated above is an anomaly and may be called the Digestion Anomaly.
For example, within 2-4 hours of the intake of the food the initial involuntary action by the intestinal muscles accompanied by the Farting gas may begin for the purpose of flushing out the waste products from the body.
The three primary reasons are:
(1) The digestive system of the person has become weaker than earlier.
(2) The food material contains certain ingredients which don’t possess much of any energy value for the digestive which in turn expedites their removal as the waste material.
(3) The food material contains certain ingredients which are difficult to be digested properly even by a strong digestive system which in turn expedites their removal as the waste material.
How to detect the Digestion Anomaly?
When the Digestion Anomaly occurs then the body starts sending out the message in the form of following main features:
(1) The Farting is continual.
(2) The Farting is most of the times foul or bad smelling.
(3) The Farting is pretty faster than usual.
(4) The Farting may sometimes be accompanied by a big sound.
(5) You often get a feeling of uneasiness in the abdomen and even sometimes feel the forward-pushing movement of the waste material.
(6) The Farting usually stops after the waste material has reached the colon or the rectum.
What you must then do?
You must quickly visit the lavatory and relieve yourself of the waste material or the excreta on detecting the beginning of the Digestion Anomaly. If you can’t do so for some reasons, you must relieve yourself latest by the time the Farting stops.
How to avoid the Digestion Anomaly?
Follow the following three broad measures:
(1) Ensure that your digestive system remains strong.
(2) Eat only the food that is nourishing and contains enough nutrients.
(3) Avoid eating the food-stuff that is not easily digestible.
~ Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee

foto: Courtesy Google