Know Why Trump/Others Must be Patient And Reopen Economy in September 2020 Only

I had tweetexpressed, tagging @Drtedros and @NYGovCuomo on April, 2020 my hopes of an Anti-Covid19 vaccine in 8-9 months (November-December). Again, I tweeted on April 13, 2020,"In my considered opinion, Coronavirus #Covid19 vaccine SHALL BE THERE WITHIN/AFTER 8 MONTHS although guardian article says it is 12-18 months. Obviously, it implies the Anti-Covid19 vaccine SHALL be available BEFORE or in November, 2020.
Later, after having learnt of new scientific facts about the-then ongoing Anti-Covid19 research, I revised my estimate and accordingly
on April 19, 2020, I tweeted, tagging @Drtedros, @WhiteHouse and others, " We'll get Vaccine to fight #Covid19 either by May 31. If not, we'll get it by September-November this year. Hopefully, relative NORMALCY should return by May 31 this year in world."
I had used the adjective 'relative.' The word 'relative' clearly means 'partially' and 'not fully.' Therefore, the phrase 'relative NORMALCY' in the context of present quoted tweet means human life that came to a sudden grinding halt due to Lockdowns on account of humans' determined-Will to fight and defeat Corona-19 virus, returns to some extent of normalcy. In other words, it means the hopes/expectations to see human life return to the increasing action from non-action.
Further, it means this return isn't complete or full.
Now, just look around. You will notice several countries have gone past their deadly peaks of deaths due to Covid-19 and are slowly returning to normalcy. For example, Slovenia has declared end of Covid-19 pandemic in its territorial jurisdiction because of manageable risk of Covid-19 despite some Covid-19 deaths still taking place. But, these are significantly very low in numbers.
Also, it implies the danger due to Covid-19 isn't yet fully over. So, we can't let our guard against Corona-19 virus down by haphazard and unscientific reopening of society and economy.
The use of phrase 'relative NORMALCY' means regaining of self-confidence and finding of new ways to lead a life of some action or activity that we had all collectively lost to menace of Covid-19.
By now, we've learnt which mistakes to not repeat so as to keep our populations safe to the maximum extent possible and simultaneously carry out essential work to help sustain fellow humans who are sitting idle in safe environs of their homes. This has to continue until we find an effective anti-Covid19 vaccine.
My tweet has been proved correct since some Anti-Covid19 vaccines are already developed and many others under process. Many vaccines have already successfully been developed by now and are under various stages of human-trials in various countries including the USA and the UK.
Also, several other vaccines are undergoing research and development which shall soon be available for human-trials.
Given the present conditions of pharmaceutical industries and exceptionally huge numbers of vaccines needed to be produced, Anti-Covid19 Vaccine shall DEFINITELY be available for whole world by the FIRST week of September, 2020, though it shall be available to every Covid-19 patient in countries of their development and production.
Earlier, Vaccine-development took 12-18 months on the lower side and several years on the other extreme of the spectrum in view of non-existence of requisite medical and technical expertise. This isn't the scenario anymore. We now have everything at our disposal. That's why some Vaccine-research teams have been able to cut short this time-frame to a matter of less than a month and have accordingly been successful in developing Anti-Covid19 vaccines which are now under various stages of human-trials. Initial results of some of these human-trials are quite positive and encouraging ones.
Therefore, in the light of facts and discussions presented in this brief research paper, my FULL SINCERE advise to all Executives/Authorities including the USA president Donald Trump: Be PATIENT for some more time until the FIRST week of September, 2020 by which time you will DEFINITELY have several Anti-Covid19 vaccines at your disposal to save precious lives of all Covid-19 PATIENTS in your respective territorial jurisdictions. So, why UNNECESSARILY become IMPATIENT and thereby lose lives of your people by increasing the risk of Covid-19-infection by INSISTING upon FULL REOPENING of SOCIETY and ECONOMY just now...?
Just give my this research paper some more time until First week of September, 2020. I WILL NOT stop you from FULL reopening of ECONOMY and SOCIETY in September, 2020 if my instant research paper is proved INCORRECT...!
- Dr. Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee
(The writer is a Scientific Healer, Epidemiologist, yoga-Practitioner, Scientist, citizen-Economist, Researcher and well known for informative analytical pieces on Healing, Spirituality, Yoga, Fitness, Health, Medicine, Ayurveda, Science, Economics, and Politics)

(Foto: Courtesy of The Washington Post and Others)