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March 2012 Blog Posts (49)

How to get rid of desires?

Develop Viveka or the power of discrimination. Brahman is real. The world is unreal.

There is no Vasana or desire in Brahman. The desire is in the mind. Make Vichara. All desires

will dwindle into nothing. Mark the Doshas in the objects. The objects are Asat, Jada, Duhkha,

impure. Develop burning Mumukshutva. This strong desire for Self-realization will destroy all

other worldly desires. Control the Indriyas also. Develop Vairagya. Give up objects. This is

Tyaga. All… Continue

Added by Teachings of Swami Sivananda on March 8, 2012 at 6:00pm — 1 Comment

Why should there be evil?

This is a question which still remains unanswered by sages, Rishis, Acharyas and

Philosophers. Do not put this question now. You cannot understand it now in your present stage

of evolution. It is inexplicable, inscrutable, Anirvachanee Maya. Brahman or God only knows.

You will understand it only when you get rid of Maya, when you attain the knowledge of

Brahman. This question is put in another way also. Why has God created this universe?

Nobody knows the why and how of… Continue

Added by Teachings of Swami Sivananda on March 7, 2012 at 6:00pm — 1 Comment

How to enter Samadhi quickly?

If you want to enter Samadhi quickly, cut off all connections with friends, relatives, etc.

Do not write letters to anybody. Observe Akhanda Mouna or the vow of continued silence for

one month. Live alone. Walk alone. Take very little but nutritious food; live on milk alone if

you can afford. Plunge in deep meditation. Dive deep. Have constant practice. You will be

immersed in Samadhi.

Be cautious. Use your common sense. Do not make violent struggle with the… Continue

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If I say, ‘Sugar’, ‘Sugar’, I cannot get sugar. If I say ‘Ram, Ram’, I cannot get God.

You will have to earn money for purchasing sugar. Then you will have to go to the

bazaar to purchase sugar. Here also, you will have to get rid of lust, anger, greed, delusion, pride,

jealousy and egoism and then repeat ‘Ram, Ram’ with Bhav (feeling) and single-minded

devotion. Then you will have Darshan of Lord Rama. But, Rama is within. Sugar is outside.

You will have to give your whole heart to Rama.

From "… Continue

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If I say, “I am a king”, I cannot become a king. So also, if I repeat “Aham Brahma Asmi”, I cannot become Brahman.

Besides saying “I am a king”, you will have to prepare yourself. You will have to gather

a large number of men. You will have to learn many things. You will have to fight. Even so,

you will have to prepare and purify the mind. You will have to acquire the four means of

salvation¾Viveka (discrimination between the real and the unreal), Vairagya (dispassion), Shad

Sampat (sixfold virtues) and Mumukshutva (eagerness for liberation). Then you will have to do

Sravana… Continue

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Is God conscious or unconscious? If He is conscious, He must have a forms for only a being who has a body can be conscious.

God is pure consciousness. He is omniscient, all-knowing. He is Nirakara, formless or

incorporeal. This physical body has limited our universal consciousness. Consciousness is of

various kinds, viz., physical consciousness, mental consciousness and absolute consciousness.

You will experience the highest consciousness when you transcend the three bodies through

constant and intense meditation. With this physical body and limited senses you can have the

physical… Continue

Added by Teachings of Swami Sivananda on March 3, 2012 at 6:00pm — 1 Comment

Since you are an advocate of equality and your teachings do not take into consideration class distinctions, are you in sympathy with communism?

I have nothing to do with politics, much less with any Godless creed. I do not believe that

religion or religious teachings should have anything to do with politics. I advocate equal vision

in the sense that the One Reality dwells equally in all beings. Names and forms are changing

phenomena. Spirit alone is. In a relative sense, the whole humanity is the family of God; there is

no high or low in His eyes. As such, a spiritual man’s attitude should not be narrowed down… Continue

Added by Teachings of Swami Sivananda on March 2, 2012 at 6:00pm — No Comments

The Koran for the Muslims, the Bible for the Christians, the Old Testament for the Jews, the Gathas for the Parsis. What about the Hindus?

The Gita, of course. That is the simple, basic scripture for all Hindus. It contains the

essence of the Upanishads, gives an optimistic and ideally adequate philosophy of life and shows

the main paths of Yoga in an integrated perspective.

From "May I answer that" by Swami Sivananda (1987-1963). More Informations on… Continue

Added by Teachings of Swami Sivananda on March 1, 2012 at 6:00pm — No Comments

Do you believe in heaven and hell existing as some independent planes apart from this earth-plane of ours?

Why not? They are also planes of existence just like ours. They are as real as the earthly

plane. All the worlds (Lokas) and all the Tirthas (sacred rivers) are existent in the human being

himself, if he has belief in the scriptures. One can enjoy heaven or hell in this birth if he so

wishes. The greater the grossness, the more intense will be the torture and suffering till such

time as the individual is refined and fit for the descent of the Lord’s grace by… Continue

Added by Teachings of Swami Sivananda on March 1, 2012 at 6:00pm — No Comments

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