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April 2009 Blog Posts (8)

Some thoughts about the Divine

Some thoughts about the Divine, God, eternal truth, or the many names by which it is called. Why think about God? Thinking about something gives us an opportunity to use our own intelligence, to arrive at more clarity about any given topic, isn’t it. Intelligence is the greatest gift of God. To use it instead of believing something blindly is not a sin. Do not let others mislead ourselves into believing that.Thinking about something need not necessarily mean coming up with the right answer. It… Continue

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Ma Anandamayi Newsletter--March

Om Ma

Welcome to the Newsletter from!

March, 2009

Mother Anandamayi

By Mahamahopadhyaya Gopinath Karviraj

(Note: Sri Gopinath Kaviraj was considered the greatest living Pandit and philosopher of his generation. For many years the Principal of the prestigious Sanskrit College of Varanasi, he was also a disciple of the great Swami Vishudhananda and had attained an exalted… Continue

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Sivananda Buried Yoga

What an amazing contemporary book to read. In some ways it blows apart every pre-conception I had about yoga, the different styles, traditions, and practices. In other ways it now all makes perfect sense, pieces of the jig-saw all coming together in the one defining purpose.

The author Yogi Manmoyanand takes the reader through his personal journey, first as a rebel irreverently questioning everything about postures and styles, the difference between "gymnastic asanas" and "spiritual… Continue

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I Am A Woman.

When you cannot stand something, stand. When you cannot give something, give.
When negativity takes over you, be positive. When you feel there is no hope, be a hope. That is what God is.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan, August 8, 1975

I Am A Woman: Quotation of the Day is brought to you by The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings-Keeping the Legacy Alive! To find out more, or to donate online, please go to:

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About Kirtans & Voice Sivananda story ...

Someone commented to Master Sivananda that the people in a certain place in North India weren't very spiritual. Master Sivananda said, " I don't know about that, when I was there, I had them all dancing ... ( 35,000 people estimated !!!)

Why play with voice when you can have Kirtan ?

Gopal/Gregg Hill

Added by Gregg Hill Gopal on April 7, 2009 at 3:37pm — No Comments

Blog de Yoga en español

Hola a todos, os dejo la dirección del blog en español, por si os apetece visitarlo Universoyoga

También estoy muy interesada en la ayuda que el Yoga y sus prácticas pueden aportar para minimizar el estrés de la vida actual, y por ello he creado un blog dedicado al tema del estrés y las técnicas para prevenirlo y minimizarlo, aportando todo el conocimiento propio sobre el tema así como artículos de estudios médicos que pueden… Continue

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thank you

thank you all for your kind welcom
have a nice day

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