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Unity in diversity--see the same soul in everyone

Sri Swami Satchidananda's Notes

In essence we are one, but in nonsense we are many. We need essence and nonsense. Life is for fun; otherwise God could have just created everyone alike with the same thoughts. Everything is God's Will. Nothing happens without His Will. He allows this chaos. Why? He must have thought, "Only by this chaotic situation will they really thirst for peace. Then, if I give them peace, they will really relish it."

That is why we are looking for… Continue

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At least you should know why you are not seeing God

Sri Swami Satchidananda's Notes

Once a young man went to Sri Ramakrishna and said, "Sir, I want to see God right away."

Sri Ramakrishna said, "Before you see God we will go to the Ganges so you can take a bath." He took the young man to the Ganges and said, "All right, dip." But when he dipped into the water, Sri Ramakrishna held him under, Immediately the devotee started fighting for his breath. When the saint realized that he would not be able to stay under the… Continue

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The Place of Nothingness

"Be still and know that I am God" (Psalm 46:10)

Do you find yourself in a place of nothingness? There is a time and place in our walk with God in which He sets us in a place of isolation and waiting. It is a place in which all past experiences are of no value. It is a time of such stillness that it can disturb the most faithful if we do not understand that He is the one who has brought us to this place for only a season. It is as if God has placed a wall around us. No new… Continue

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My DAY of Birth

I would like to take this moment to thank my parents for making this day possible! It was from their love for each other that I was created and their guidance that I have survived as a pup in den of wolves.

For all of the sacrifices they made on my behalf - may they receive blessings!

For the love they gave without measure - may they receive endless LOVE and compassion back!

For the lessons they provided in their :: lead by example role model - may each have… Continue

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Don't expect someone else to do all the work

Sri Swami Satchidananda's Not

Question: If we have faith in God, do we need medicine when we are sick?

Sri Gurudev: Medicine is also a gift from God. Prayer, medicine, and certain dietetic discipline could all be used at the same time. Even food is a kind of medicine for the pain of hunger. Do you say that if you believe in prayer, then you should not feel hunger? No. If you eat to relieve hunger, you can also take advantage of medical science when necessary. We can use… Continue

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How To Cope With Disturbances And Difficulties In Life

The following is one of my favourite quotes from the writings of Alfred D Souza.

" For a long time it had seemed to me that my life was about to begin - Real Life. But there was always some obstacle in the way. Something to be gotten through first, some unfinished business. Time still to be served. A debt to be paid. Then life would begin.

At last it dawned on me that these obstacles WERE MY LIFE."

(My emphases)

The truth is that satisfaction… Continue

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Medical Meditation at Monash


Clinical yoga to enhance health through yoga, meditation, relaxation, breathing and mindfulness.

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Becoming a Spiritual Being by Wayne Dyer

Posted by Christopher OV Staff

Becoming a spiritual being is synonymous with becoming a miracle worker and knowing the bliss of real magic. The differences between people who are non-spiritual, or "physical only", and those whom I call spiritual beings are dramatic.

I use the terms spiritual and non-spiritual in the sense that a spiritual being has a conscious awareness of both the physical and the invisible dimension, while the non-spiritual being is only aware of the… Continue

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Training the mind is must in spiritual growth

Sri Swami Satchidananda's Notes


Training the mind is worth doing at any cost. It's extremely difficult. That's why we don't see very many saints. If it were that easy, there would be thousands. How many saints have there been like that? You can easily count them.

DDon't be discouraged; don't think that you shouldn't try for it. How do you know that you are not going to be a Buddha? How do you know that there… Continue

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What you gain you shouldnot loose--spiritual goal is something great

Sri Swami Satchidananda's Notes

Never give up. Know that your spiritual goal is something great. You have fallen down from the summit, and you are on your way back up. It is greater even than climbing Mount Everest. As soon as the climbers get to the peak of Everest, they have to go down again. They never rest. But with the spiritual climb, once you get there you rest there forever.

This is the highest peak. Just go on, steadily climbing. If you get tired, if you see… Continue

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Remember that which u can take with you after death

meera has sent you a message on Osho Bliss


only that

which you can take with you

when you leave the body

is important.

That means, except meditation,

nothing is important.

Except awareness,

nothing is important,

because only awareness

cannot be taken away by death.

Everything else will be snatched away

, because everything else

comes from without.

Only awareness wells up… Continue

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Interview with Rachael Kohn for ABC Radio National on the Spirit of Things

The link to an on air interview I did with Rachael Kohn for ABC Radio National the Spirit of Things is now live.


Click on "Listen Now" or "Download Audio"

I'm on second but if you slide the marker along to timescale 16.00 mins then I come on straight away.

To join my new mailing list, please go to

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Make your smile cheaper

A research done in England found that a baby smiles 400 times a day, an adolescent 17 times and an adult doesn’t smile at all! The more successful one keeps a very stiff face. Is roughness a sign of success? Is being stressed a sign of prosperity, growth or dignity?

You should smile more. Every day, every morning, look at the mirror and give a good smile to yourself. You know what happens when you smile? All the muscles in your face get relaxed. The nerves in your brain get… Continue

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It is the attitude

Sri Swami Satchidananda's Notes

Who is the real slave? It's not just a person who is purchased by another. If you buy a person and let him work for you, you call him a slave, is it not so? In that sense everyone who works for money is a slave: "Monthly I give you this much money; you work for me." Everybody who works for a reward is a slave, no matter how high his or her position. It is the attitude that makes a real slave. Even the people we normally think of as slaves are actually… Continue

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Music and Spiritual Practice - An Overview of Poligraf (part 4)

(The Wheel of Becoming - Symbolic Representation of Saṃsāra in Tibetan Buddhism)

Poligraf's first album is entitled "Samsara." Traditionally, the term refers to the Buddhist concept of the cycle of birth and death in which all beings in the universe take part and which can be escaped only through enlightenment. Personally, I agree with the view that it is rather that very same process of… Continue

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What i am doing it for

Sri Swami Satchidananda's

Just be happy, have fun, enjoy life and don't get caught. When I say, "don't get caught," I am not talking about someone else catching you. I am talking about your own mind. Choose the kind of fun that won't bind you. If a certain kind of fun will bring you unhappiness later on, then it's not fun at all. Our goal is unending joy.

Sometimes people think that to be a spiritual seeker or a good, religious person means being always very serious. They… Continue

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Architecture of the chakras.

Sacred architecture of the chakras system.

Ankh meaning chakras system.…


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(09.05.22) FESTIVAL

It's been said often enough that Hindus celebrate everything. So they do. The birth of gods, death of asuras, victory of the gods, marriage of the gods, the new year, new months, full moons, new moons, harvests, birthdays, initiations, marriages, deaths, anniversaries - you name the event, and it is reason for music, dance, processions, and what have you.

Apart from the universally celebrated festivals like Dussehra, Diwali and Ganesh Chaturthi, there are others that are observed in… Continue

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(09.05.21) 12 km

My 12 km walk for Yoga

Beautiful day, wonderful people and a great experience for me : I can walk 12 km.…


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The wisdom of human life

Ekta Bathija (New York, NY) wroteon August 23, 2008 at 12:18am

The next sutra is Tasya Hethuravidya, which means “thinking that these causes are yours is ignorance”. What is the way out of ignorance? The only way is definite knowledge in the mind that your body is constantly changing. You must know that you are not the body, you are the self. You are imperishable, untouched and untainted by the probabilities of the world. Every particle in this body is changing. The mind is changing.… Continue

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