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June 2013 Blog Posts (30)

Search Him Inside Your Heart

God is your heart. He is in you and you are in Him. Search Him inside your heart. If you do

not find Him there, you will not find Him anywhere else.

This search after God is a question of supply and demand. If you really want God, if there is

a demand for God, then the supply will come at once.

Give up clinging to illusory life. Be fearless. Take refuge in Vairagya. All fears will die

away. Cling to the lotus feet of the Lord. Cling to the invisible, unseen Brahman.…


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Sadhana And Santosh—The Secrets Of Health

The best medicine or panacea for all diseases and for keeping good health is Kirtan, Japa

and regular meditation. The Divine waves electrify, rejuvenate, vivify, energise the cells, tissues,

nerves, etc.

Another cheap but potent drug is to keep oneself always joyful and cheerful. Study Gita

daily one or two chapters with meaning. Keep yourself fully occupied, which is a remedy to keep

off thoughts of worldliness.

From "…


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Scrutinise Your Motives

Work unselfishly with a disinterested spirit. Scrutinise your motives. Your motive should

be absolutely pure. Never care for fruits. But do not become a victim of sloth or inertia. Pour forth

all your energies in the service of humanity, country, etc. Plunge yourself into selfless service.

The manual work will become automatic, mechanical or instinctive. You will have two

minds. A portion of the mind will be in meditation and Japa. Repeat the name of the Lord while…


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Expand, Evolve

Convert all activities into Yoga. Walk in the path of righteousness. Wake up from the

slumber of ignorance. Do not mix with undesirable persons. Take recourse to Sattvic company.

You will have much peace.

Expand. Evolve. Have a large heart. Mix with all. Be humble. Take refuge in God. All

torment will disappear. You will enjoy supreme Peace.

From "Light, Power and Wisdom" by…


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Keep Spiritual Diary

Develop Sattvic virtues. Conserve energy. Keep your body strong and healthy by regular

exercise. Keep a true diary with a clean conscience daily. Develop attention. Become a Spiritual


Always think rightly and act rightly. Never envy your neighbours. Entertain noble and

sublime thoughts. Have supreme self-confidence and courage. Whatever you do, do with a will to

succeed in your attempts. This is the Sovereign secret.

Remember saints and sages. Draw…


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Practise Sadhana Now

This is the time when you should spend your time happily by doing regular Japa and

meditation. God has given you all conveniences and opportunities. Remember Him and thank Him


Sing His glories. Hold Sankirtan at night with all the members of the family. Be bold. Be

cheerful. Be calm. Be contented. Be good. Do good. Be pure. Be alert. Become a Jivanmukta in this

very birth.

From "…


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“The Complete Puja of Almighty God ”

“The Complete Puja of Almighty

God ”

We know the importance of knowledge power in our daily life whether it is about divine spiritual or gross material and without power of knowledge nothing can be done successfully. In divine spiritual functions and attaining the power of knowledge from it one must keep very attentive while offering Puja to The Shivalinga because most of the people forget to offer their puja to Maa Devi Shakti who is also in…


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Do Constant Sadhana

Keep your mind always busy in doing Japa, concentration, meditation, study of religious

books, Satsanga or in doing something useful.

Regularity in Sadhana is of paramount importance. Remember this point always.

May you lead a contented and happy life singing the Lord’s Name at all times by doing

selfless service, sharing what you have with others and by regular Japa and meditation.

From "…


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Be Regular In Your Sadhana

Keep a balanced mind always. Be cheerful and happy. Drive the feelings of depression and

gloom at once by enquiry, singing Divine songs, prayers, chanting of Om, Pranayama, a brisk walk

in the open air and thinking of the opposite quality viz., the feeling of joy. You will be happy.

Apply yourself diligently to Yoga. Employ your skill and promptness. Kill the thoughts and

desires. Do not become a fatalist. Stand like a lion. Exert. Aspire. You will attain…


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Control Your Thoughts

Stick to any rule that, appeals to your reason. Follow it with faith and attention. You will

evolve and reach the abode of eternal happiness. Performance of one’s own duties brings happiness,

quick evolution and freedom.

Events occur in succession or order. There is perfect harmony. The three things viz., desire,

thought and action always go together. It is thought that moves the body to action. There is thought

behind every action. If you entertain bad thoughts you…


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Sacrifice Pleasure To Secure Bliss

Spiritual pursuits, and practice of Yoga are really sweet, but appear to be bitter; sensual

pursuits, which are really bitter, appear to be sweet. This is due to the perversion of intellect caused

by Avidya.

Select some good songs or Dhwanis and repeat them during night along with your friends

and relatives. Even during day while working, you can sing the select Dhwanis of your Ishta

Mantra. By this you will have continuity of Divine thoughts.

May you always…


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Learn To Discriminate

Know things in their proper light. Do not be deluded. Emotion is mistaken for devotion;

violent jumping in the air during Sankirtan for Divine ecstasy; Rajasic restlessness and motion for

divine activities and Karma Yoga; a Tamasic man for a Sattvic man; Tandri and deep sleep for

Samadhi; Manorajya or building castles in the air for meditation; physical nudity for the Jivanmukti


Understand the laws of the universe. Move tactfully in this world. Learn the…


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Give No Leniency To Mind

Mere hearing of eloquent valuable spiritual lectures will not do in the spiritual path. You

will have to act according to them. You will have to give your whole heart, mind and soul to

practice. Then only you will have progress in the path.

Follow the instructions of your master and the teachings of the scriptures to the very letter.

Give no leniency to the mind. Exact, implicit, strict obedience to the instructions is expected of you.

Do not fight for rights. Think…


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Keep The Mind Fully Occupied

Understand fully the aim and purpose of life. Yield not to temptations. Develop virtuous

qualities like humility, forgiveness, tolerance, etc. Wish eagerly and fervently to attain

God-consciousness. Have faith, interest and attention. You are bound to succeed.

Conserve all energy and utilise it for higher spiritual achievements in life. Purify. Be just.

Be true. Be sincere in your attempts. Respect all prophets and saints. You will shine as a dynamic




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Discipline The Mind

Destroy the Sankalpas or imagination of the mind. Discipline the mind in a perfect manner

through discrimination, enquiry, dispassion and regular meditation on Atman.

Have a wide outlook on life. See God in everything, in every face. Give up all that is false

and untrue. Pray fervently. Lead a life of virtue and happiness.

Renounce all your sorrows, fears and anxieties, and walk in the path laid down by the

scriptures. You will attain supreme peace and eternal…


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Drink The Nectar

Purify your mind. Withdraw all the senses from their objects. Bring the mind under your

control. Introspect. Direct your attention towards the knowledge of God.

Become a true Brahmachari. Get established in mental and physical Brahmacharya. Take

Sattvic food. Develop Vairagya. Have perfect faith in God.

Put on the armour of discrimination. Wear the shield of dispassion. Blow the conch of

courage. Kill the enemies of doubt, ignorance, passion and egoism and enter the…


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Immortality Is Thy Birthright

Courage, power, strength, wisdom and joy are your Divine heritage, your birthright from

the Absolute. You are the centre of thought, influence and power. Never forget this.

The world is assailed by death. Days and nights are falling incessantly like bolts. When one

day passes away, remember that a part of one’s life wears away with it.

Apply yourself diligently to Yoga. Remember the Sages and Saints. Be sincere. Develop

mercy, love, friendship, feeling of…


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Forget Not Thy Goal

Try your best to keep cool and calm in difficulties, adversities and trying conditions of life.

Pray fervently from the bottom of your heart and wait. Help is bound to come. Have firm, perfect

and one-pointed faith in God.

Develop universal sympathy and cosmic love of pure nature. Lead a life of oneness and

unity. Have deep concentrated right thinking.

Forget not the goal. Everyday place a step further towards the goal. Maya will assume

various forms. Watch,…


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Awake, Achieve The Goal

Remember the goal and the purpose for which you have taken this physical body. Do not

give indulgence or leniency to the mind. Watch the Vrittis or thoughts. Drive them. Just as the

soldier kills his enemies with his sword when they enter the fort, take the rod of Viveka when the

mind raises its hood or Vritti and strike indiscriminately. Annihilate the thoughts.

From "Light, Power and…


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Goal Of Life Is God-Realisation

The goal of life is God-realisation. All desires are gratified by realising God. God can be

realised by pure, subtle reasoning. There is not an iota of happiness in objects, because they are

insentient. There are mental uneasiness, discontentment and restlessness even in multi-millionaires

and kings.

All sorts of fears, miseries and troubles will melt away when the knowledge of God dawns.

You will be freed from the Samsaric wheel of births and deaths with all its…


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