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Victory over the mind is certainly victory over death. The inner war with the mind is more terrible and formidable than the outer war with weapons. The conquest of the mind is more difficult than con¬quest of the world through force of arms. Achieve this conquest and enjoy eternal bliss, everlasting peace and unalloyed felicity.

From "Daily Sayings" by Swami Sivananda (1987-1963). More Informations on… Continue

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New Year's Eve in Tiruvannamalai


Enlightenment is not an "experience". Really, it is the ability to assimilate and understand your actions. If your True Self is the "Light", how can you become enlightened? Understanding your actions helps you to transform yourself.

My best wishes for the new year. May it be a year that is filled with enough suffering to make you want to change your life and your negative thought patterns.

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The Dreariness of Worldly Pleasure

dreariness of worldly pleasure

“And this that you call mirth is but a phantom of the night; but flashes of the fire of passion, painting pictures on the walls of time” (Aquarian Gospel 51:24).

From childhood I have been amazed at how dreary and weary most people’s “good times” and “fun” really are, and how dreary and weary they…


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Regular exercise can reduce the risk and symptoms of more than 20 physical and mental health conditions, and can also slow down how quickly your body ages.

A review of research, which summarized the findings of 40 papers published between 2006 and 2010, found that exercise affects conditions including cancer, heart disease, dementia, stroke, type 2 diabetes, depression, obesity and high blood pressure.

Science Daily reports:

"... [A]part from not smoking,…


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Loving greetings from Auroville


All London airports were closed last weekend, and I worried about flying on Monday. But then my flight left "only" 3 hours late - just as the snow began again.

I was happy to spend a few days in Chennai and even happier to arrive in Auroville yesterday. This morning we had a beautiful meditation in the Matri Mandir, followed by lunch at the solar kitchen. Unfortunately, we can't stay very long - so off to Tiruvannamalai tomorrow.

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The 9 Layers of the Consciousness

There are following 9 Layers of the Consciousness from the Gross Body Consciousness [GBC] to the Net Body Consciousness [NBC]:

1.The Physical Body:

It is also called the ‘ANNAMAYA KOSHA'. Its location corresponds to the MUULAADHAAR CHAKRA where the earth element exists.



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LOVE is Synonyms of Meditation

The word Meditation and The word Love are synonyms, and may be getting into meditation there could be many ways and might be appropriate for ones own type on which they feel comfort or enjoy the happiness being in meditation.

Hence, in my own opinion, what I experienced on my own way of sadhana is LOVE which is the most essential part to receive the true and pure state of meditation because without LOVE neither one can enter into the path of sadhana nor even think of getting divine… Continue

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do you drink water???

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72 names of god!!!

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f there is something we like to promote from OtraMedicina is the consumption of juices natural. These are a great resource nutritious and delicious, and the good thing is that I could have eaten any meal, even at breakfast and lunch with excellent results. In this case highlight the exquisite fruit juice: the pomegranate… Continue

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The Conversion of a Christian Marxist

Gurucharanam Saranam



Even a hardcore Marxist has a thirsting space in his heart for God. A heretic may not have a place among the believing flock, but certainly God has a door for him too in his kind kingdom. Sri Andrews was a hardcore Marxist and a heretic. He never went to a church when be became conscious of its institutional character. He objected to all forms of institutionalized religion. But I do…


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Today is Dattatreya Jayanthi - Birthday of Jnana Guru Dattatreya


Today is Dattatreya Jayanthi, birtday of Lord Shri Dattatreya. Dattatreya is one the most important Gurus of Vedanta, the Philosophy of Oneness.

Dattatreya is said to be an Avatar, an incarnation of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Therefore, one of his names is Trimurti Avatar.

His main teaching is:…


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The Disposal of the Dead Humans - The Geographical Reasons

There are purely different geographical reasons responsible for different practices adopted to dispose off the dead humans all over the earth. The hindus cremate their dead ones, the muslims and the christians bury their dead ones.

The ancient India was covered with thick rich forests. The ancient hindus needed clear large tracts of this forest cover for agricultural pursuits. The burying of their adult dead ones would have resulted into loosing…


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Soul’s Separation from its Primal Source

Sri Shivashankaran’s mother-in-law eyed him with a frown. ‘Touch the feet of the Swami’, she ordered.  Shivashankaran was not familiar with such customs. He had visited temples and bowed in front of deities there. But this was a human being that too not attired like the swamis he had seen and heard about. Also the unpleasant comments from the people he came across on their way bothered him. It was in the late sixties. Shivashankaran, a tall healthy man, whose family lived near Pothencode,…


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Guru Gita - the Science of Rishis

Gurucharanam Saranam


Sirah Paadankitam Kritvaa, Yatha the chaakshayovatah:

Teertha Raajah Prayaago-asau, Gurumuurtyai Namo Namah


Prayag is considered the most holy of all holy waters and it is here the akshayavata - the everlasting banyan tree--stands. Devotion to the form of that Guru by prostrating at whose feet one earns the immortality (of the…


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The Manus, the Origin of Sin and Trimurti Tradition

Gurucharanam Saranam

Manus are the primordial human ancestors who guide mankind in the matter of dharma and spiritual realization. The whole mankind is the progeny of Manu. The words Man and Manushya originated from Manu. The primal father of humanity is thus one, the Manu. Sagely incarnations come into the world from time to time from the lineage of Manu in order to guide mankind. It is this concept of Sanatana dharma which gives it the resilience and tolerance to respect…


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Imaginery stories by religious and holy persons - Why?

Dear readers read the following imaginary story: Two friends were walking on a road. The one was honest and the other dishonest. The dishonest friend saw a rupee 1,000 note lying on the road.

The dishonest friend picked it up and said," dear friend, Vechetra Singh Jee, see, I have found this 1000-rupee note. We will share it half-half because you have seen it too and i don't wish you to tell about it to others."…


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María Angélica from time to time I get good articles, this is one of them, so you share it. If you look every day there are more people with cancer and overweight, and bacteria and fungi, play an important role, as the source of all this. Once you read it I ask you share, you can help many people improve their quality of life.

Bacteria and Fungi

For Dr. Robert Young

Many scientific studies have agreed that bacteria and fungi can actually… Continue

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