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The Internal And External Source Of Spiritual Energy …

Every day, in the morning, we all need to recharge our spiritual battery, the energy of which has been used the previous day. This is extremely important, otherwise the light of our consciousness becomes dim, thoughts become unfocused and decisions are filled with un-clarity and doubt. This energy is available inside and outside. Inside us we have a spiritual centre, at the center of our consciousness, pure spiritual energy. This is what we are. However access to this energy is now blocked…


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The question also arises, what does this Body Mind really learn? Well, whatever it learns, is only ofvalue in one particular lifetime. For the next time around, all situations and or conditions are entirely

different again. All of a sudden we live in a different era and people do not even speak the same language. We are supposed to learn Chinese or Russian now. And…


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• As our intentions, so will be our thoughts. ...........

The process by which we create our own destiny is quite easy to see in theory; however it requires some checking to see how it matches the reality of our practical lives. Here is the process in brief:

• As our thoughts, so will be our feelings.

• As our feelings, so will be our attitudes.

• As our attitudes, so will be our actions.

• As our…


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Except meditation, nothing is important. Except awareness, nothing is important, because only awareness cannot be taken away by death.

Remember, only that which you can take with you when you leave the body is important. That means, except meditation, nothing is important. Except awareness, nothing is important, because only awareness cannot be taken away by death. Everything else will be snatched away, because everything else comes from without.

Only awareness wells up within. That cannot be taken away. And the shadows of awareness - compassion, love - they cannot be taken away. They are intrinsic parts of…


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Inner peace is inner power.

Inner peace is inner power. But before you start walking the path of relaxation and meditation to create a life, which is free from anger, and based on peaceful living, it is important to clear some misunderstandings we hold in our mind about mental peace.

1. Peace means nothing is happening; it’s a state of inaction.

By practicing meditation for a few minutes everyday, very soon you can experience a stage in which you are physically active yet mentally peaceful, when the mind is…


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Past has already passed and the future is yet to come

Unnecessary thoughts are thoughts that are produced at untimely moments that fill us with worry and anxiety when they appear in our minds. They have no constructive use. Unnecessary and useless thoughts are quick and repetitive which lead you nowhere. Often they refer to things from the past: "If this hadn't happened? Why did she have to say that to me?" Too many thoughts are about things that we cannot change, or worries about the future, like: "What will happen tomorrow? How will it…


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We are here. In this moment the whole existence converges.

A rose flower contains all the rose flowers of the past. And if you can understand, let me say, it contains all the future flowers also...

All the past and all the future converges in this moment. This moment is the bridge between the past and the future. In you, everything is meeting right now. If you can become aware, then you are the whole existence this very…

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The Supreme Soul always remains an Ocean of the five spiritual virtues

or elements peace, purity, wisdom, love and joy right through eternity. The soul is made up of three faculties - the mind, intellect and personality. Meditation is a direct connection in which a human soul, using the two faculties - the mind and the intellect, connects with the most powerful Supreme Source or Soul and draws spiritual power from it. This absorbed spiritual power…


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May divine light of Diwali spread lots of peace, prosperity, happiness and good health in your life,....

Hope the festival of lights enlightens your home and heart with peace and serenity. Wishing you loads of joy and happiness on Diwali....

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NO ANIMAL NEVER LAUGH. NEVER SARROW ..It is the only man who laugh, cry and sorrow. Man has forgotten the ultimate Goal of life

You can eat meat and you can meditate. But you will be showing one thing about yourself: that you are very crude,That you are very primitive, uncultured, uncivilized, that you don't have any sense how life should be I think there is no concern of enlighten. whether you are vegetarian or non veg .and but its a weight and heaviness in yourself realization. Our body is made up for veg.actually. We eat it..Meat it is itself digested food.there will be no… Continue

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