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The powers of the mind are always scattered and resist attempts at concentration. This oscillatory ten¬dency is an innate characteristic of the mind-stuff. Of the various methods employed to curtail and arrest this tossing of the mind, those using the medium of sound and sight stand prominent, since these two have a peculiar knack of catching the attention and stilling the mind.

Therefore, in the course of spiritual discipline also, the methods of developing concentration take the form of… Continue

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To learn to rationally and effectively use existing forces, man need not wait for any kind of striking new methods to be invented for his guidance.

Since early creation nature herself abounds in instructive examples and lessons to aid man in every walk of his life. Observation tells us that every force in nature, when it is allowed to flow freely over a wide area, moves slowly and with comparatively less power than it would do if gathered together in one mass and directed through a single,… Continue

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In all man's struggles and attempts at achieving any desired object, there is in reality no necessity at all for him to go in quest of external forces to aid him. Man has within himself vast resources and inherent powers lying untapped or else only partially made use of.

It is because he has allowed his faculties to get scattered on a hundred different things that he fails to achieve anything substantial, despite his inherent potentialities. If he regulates and applies his poten¬tialities… Continue

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Meditation on the immortal Self will act like a dynamite and blow up all thoughts and memories in the subconscious mind. If thoughts trouble you very much, do not suppress them by force. Be a silent witness, as in a cinema show. They will gradually subside. Then root them out through regular medi¬tation.

The practice of meditation must be constant. Then only can one attain Self-realization surely and quickly. He who practices meditation by fits and for a few minutes daily will not be able… Continue

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The semen or Veerva tones the nerves and brain and gives energy to the system. He who preserves this vital force through the vow of Brahmacharya and sublimates it into Ojas Shakti, can practice deep and steady meditation for a long period. He can ascend the ladder of Yoga without difficulty.

Without Brahmacharya no spiritual progress is possible, it is the very foundation on which the superstructure of meditation and Samadhi are to be built up. Many people waste the vital energy. This is… Continue

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A householder with Yogic tendency and spiritual inclination can practice meditation in a solitary and quiet room in his own home, or in any solitary place on the banks of a holy river during holidays. If he is a whole-time aspirant, or if he has retired from service, he can practice in such places throughout the year.

If you are a householder with spiritual thirst and capacity for intense Sadhana, yon cannot all of a sudden sever your connection with the family. Stay in seclusion for a… Continue

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Eknath, Raja Janaka and others realized God by practicing spiritual Sadhana while remaining in the world. The central teaching of the Bhagavad Gita is to realize in and through the world. These great sages were really Yoga Brashtas (fallen in Yoga in their previous births). To follow their example is impos¬sible for the vast majority.

Lord Jesus was missing for eighteen years. Lord Buddha went into seclusion for eight years m the Uruvala forest. You can make a beginning in the world but… Continue

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Concern yourself with the present only. Do not look back upon the past or worry about the future. Then alone will you be really happy. You will be free from cares and anxieties. You will have long life.

Exercise discrimination in all that you do. Do not think of the past or the future. The past days of boyhood, your days of studentship - all these are dreams when you are over forty. You have to deal with the present only. The present is most important.

From "Daily Sayings" by Swami… Continue

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An aspirant should be sensitive and yet have the body and nerves completely under control. The greater the sensitiveness, tile more difficult is the task. There are many sounds that pass unheeded by ail ordinary person but which are torture to one who is very sensitive.

Neophytes on the spiritual path often mistake their own impulses and imagination for the inner voice or divine command or intuition. Only when the mind is Sattwic will you get flashes or glimpses of intuition.

From… Continue

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Your mind will sometimes shudder when evil thoughts enter it. This is a sign of your spiritual progress. You are growing spiritually. You will be much tormented when you think of your evil actions committed in the past. 'This is also a sign of spiritual upheaval. You will not repeat the same actions now.

Your mind will tremble, your body will quiver whenever the wrong mental impression of some evil action urges you to do the same act through three of habit. Continue your meditation with… Continue

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Try to identify yourself with the eternal, ever ¬pure Atman that resides in the chambers of your heart. Think and feel always: "I am tile Atman that is ever pure." This one thought will remove all troubles and all fanciful thoughts. The mind will try to delude you. It will lurk like a thief. Start this anti-current of thought.

There is no magic pill more effective than silence and solitude to remove the disease of tossing of the mind.

From "Daily Sayings" by Swami Sivananda… Continue

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Environments are not bad but your mind is such. Your mind is not disciplined properly. Wage war with this horrible and terrible mind. Do not complain of unfavourable environments. Complain against your own mind first. Train it first.

If you practice concentration amidst unfavour¬able environments, you will grow strong, you will develop your will-force quickly, you will become a dynamic personality. See good in everything and transmute evil into good. This is real Yoga. This is the real… Continue

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In the Gita it is stated: "The Yogi, labouring with assiduity, purified from sin and perfected through manifold births, reacheth the Supreme Goal."

If you can give up idle talk, gossip and curiosity, and if you do not interfere in the affairs of others, you will have ample time to practice intense meditation. If worldly thoughts try to enter the mind during meditation, reject them. Have steady devotion to truth. Be cheerful.

From "Daily Sayings" by Swami Sivananda (1987-1963). More… Continue

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Real rest can be had during meditation when the mind rests in the Atman. Change of work can give rest. Remaining idle without work and allowing the mind to wonder wildly like a furious elephant, or building castles in the air, cannot bring rest to the mind and soul.

The man who cannot fix his mind in meditation and prayer cannot have knowledge of the Self. The unsteady man cannot practice meditation, He can¬not have intense devotion to knowledge of the Self, or any burning longing for… Continue

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Regular meditation opens the doors of intuitional knowledge, makes the mind still, calm and steady, awakens an ecstatic feeling and brings the Yogic student in contact with. the source or the Supreme Purusha.

If there are doubts they are cleared by themselves as you march on the path of meditation. You will yourself know tile way to place your foot on the next rung of the spiritual ladder. A mysterious inner voice will guide you. Listen attentively to this voice, O Yogindra.

From… Continue

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You will have to pass through the six stages of meditation before you finally enter into perfect Samadhi. In the state of Samadhi the perception of forms will completely vanish. There will be neither meditation nor meditator now.

In this supreme state you will attain the highest knowledge and supreme peace. This is the goal of life. This is the final beatitude of life. You now become an enlightened and liberated sage. You are absolutely free from pain, sorrow, fear, doubt and delusion. The… Continue

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A desire arises in the mind. It is gratified and another desire arises. In the interval between the two desires there is perfect stillness of mind.

When the mind is fully concentrated on Brahman, it becomes one with Brahman, like camphor that becomes one with the flame, like salt that becomes one with water, like water that becomes one with milk. The mind melts in Brahman. It becomes of the nature of Brahman. This is the state of Kaivalya or freedom. Therefore, know Brahman and be… Continue

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Fire is generated by rubbing two pieces of wood. Even so, the fire of wisdom is generated by intense meditation on the Supreme Self.

In the beginning the mind is disciplined by fixing it on a concrete object or symbol. When it is rendered steady and stable, it can then be fixed on an abstract idea such as, "I am Brahman."

Meditate always on the following formulae: "I am pure Consciousness. I am Satchidananda Brahman. I am the immutable, self-effulgent, immortal Self. I am the silent… Continue

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When you reach the grand spiritual summit of the thought-free state you will enter the realm of eternal peace, immortality and supreme bliss.

0 Ram, commence your homeward journey now. March boldly on the spiritual path. Be not afraid of difficulties. Be bold. Ascend peak after peak. Cross the deep ravines of subtle infatuation and pride that you meet on your way. Chop the thoughts that wage guerrilla warfare. Enter now into the infinite domain of pure bliss and highest knowledge. Regain… Continue

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Just as the light burns within a hurricane lamp, so also the Divine Flame has been burning from time immemorial in the lamp of your heart.

Close your eyes, merge yourself within the Divine Flame. Plunge deep into the chambers of your heart. Meditate on this Divine Flame and become a flame of God. Withdraw all the senses from their objects.

Propitiate the Lord by means of your austerities. Meditate on Lord Hart, get into the dazzling divine car and reach the supreme abode of… Continue

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