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The Teachings of Navajyoti Sri Karunakara Guru

Navajyotisree Guru, the Founder of Santhigiri Ashram was born on 1st September, 1927, at Chandirur, Alapuzha district in Kerala. The birth of Guru was marked by incidents associated with divine births. After His birth, Guru became aware of a unique spiritual experience. There was certain ‘Radiance’ inside Him until the age of nine, which He identified as that of Sri Krishna. He was only a child of 14 years when He left home in search of spiritual realization. He led the life of an ascetic in…


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The Forgotten History of Manu Parampara

What is the basis of Hinduism? Is it based on Manu Parampara or Trimurty System? This was the question asked by Navajyotisri Karunakara Guru, whose life mission was to enlighten not only the Hindus but also the whole humanity about the existence of a spiritual governance that is God’s alone. The Puranic tradition or the Trimurty tradition mentions that Brahma, Vishnu and Siva are the authorities of creation. The Vaishnavites claim that Vishnu is the Creator; the Saivites say it is Siva while…


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The Manus, the Origin of Sin and Trimurti Tradition

Gurucharanam Saranam

Manus are the primordial human ancestors who guide mankind in the matter of dharma and spiritual realization. The whole mankind is the progeny of Manu. The words Man and Manushya originated from Manu. The primal father of humanity is thus one, the Manu. Sagely incarnations come into the world from time to time from the lineage of Manu in order to guide mankind. It is this concept of Sanatana dharma which gives it the resilience and tolerance to respect…


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