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How Yoga Can Help You With Overcoming Depression

Nowadays, more and more people are stressed out, feeling down or having a loss of interest in daily activities until they eventually reach a breaking point and sink into depression. According to the World Health Organization, depression is the most common illness worldwide and the leading cause of disability. They estimate that 350 million people are affected by depression, globally. If you are also feeling empty inside your body and dread facing the world for a longer period of time, then…


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How Yogic Nasal Breathing Can Slow Down Your Brain Waves

yoga has become a modern way of regaining health and connecting to one’s inner peace. Recent studies suggest that a daily practise of 25 minutes has an enormous effect on both mental and physical states of being.

Pranayama is also known as breath control. It’s the part of yoga that focuses on the breath. Regulating the breath modifies the thought process.

Nasal Breathing or Anulom Velom stands for extended inhalation and exhalation through the nasal cavities. Retention plays an…


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Yoga for Stress Management - The 5 Tibetan secrets for a long, healthy and vital life.

Did you know that yoga can really help you in managing stress, tension and anxiety? Recent studies from the University of Cambridge suggest that practising yoga asanas (postures) for 20 minutes per day have stress-releasing effect on both body and mind.

Especially if you have a demanding job, you might feel stressed out a lot. Stress can lead to negative thoughts and mental and physical disease.

Today we will share some useful postures, called the 5 Tibetans, to help you manage…


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Yoga for Back Pain Relief

Do you practise yoga already or a you a newbie? No matter how familiar you are with yoga, today I will share

some useful tips and postures with you that can help you to relieve back pain, stiffness and headaches.

You might suffer from back pain due to an office job and spending many hours every day on the desk or in front of a computer. If not, you might just have the habit to hunch your back or curve your lumbar spine due to a dislocation or wrong posture.

Anyways, yoga…


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Learning Yoga in your Summer Holidays

Spring has just started and we are now patiently waiting for summer. Have you made any traveling plans yet? There are so many beautiful places out there. Combining your summer holidays with yoga will be a memorable and enriching experience.

Learning yoga during your summer holidays will definitely bring you a great sense of relaxation. And it will also help you to become a stronger and happier individual. A busy lifestyle lets us store a lot of tension and stiffness. Are you craving…


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5 Anti-Aging Yoga Poses to Keep you Young

Are you a yoga newbie or have you been practicing for many years already? If you are familiar with yoga already, you might have noticed the changes in your body, mind and overall well-being. Are you less sick? Looking and feeling more relaxed?

Practicing yoga regularly will bring along many mental and spiritual benefits. But let’s not forget the physical benefits: clear and tight skin; a healthy and flexible body; a radiant smile; the yoga „glow“. Today we will share with you 5…


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The Formula for Preventing Depression

While it's controversial that depression isn't continuously preventable, there square measure several cases, once victimization the subsequent concepts, can keep you in smart spirits - most of the time. sadly, we tend to cannot be happy all of the time, however, there's one thing we are able to do concerning it.

Working with a range of purchasers over the years, I actually have seen however Yoga and exercise modified, and still modification, them for the higher. it's a well known…


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