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Poem: The Buddha's Whisper

Listen carefully.

If you have held a child in your lap,

tenderly, warmly, feeling yourself flow

into your child, feeling yourself melt

into your child,

that is how you, too, are being held, always.

Your child also holds another child,

a future child who is eternally present,

in his or her lap.

And that child holds a being,

living, evolving, eternally present,

in his or her lap.

And what holds you in its lap

is being held by…

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Prayer For March 1

Show me the way, Lord.

I am always your student.

I am always in love with you.

I am always willing to change myself

to follow the deepest promptings

that you have planted in my heart.

Show me not the answer,

show me the right questions

to ask. Show me what is right

and I will try as best I can

to do it. I will fail, often.

If I ask for something that does not help me,

show me the error, and lead me to that

which helps… Continue

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Prologue to the sci fi novel "The Gods Of The Gift"

When he was nine years old, Garuvel Nep Zing discovered

that he could disappear. He was sitting in a white gazebo on the family estate.

It was hidden by tall thin evergreens to the rear of the Great House, at the end of a long sloping lawn. Garuvel treasured this spot for its remoteness from the prying eyes of his family and the family’s servants. Little finches nested in the stately spires, and Garuvel watched them land and disappear twittering inside the moist


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A Poem entitled "Crazy"

If you have asked yourself the question

“why am I so crazy”?

the answer is simple.

You are crazy with grief.

Deep down inside,

you are like one attending a funeral,

tearing your clothes,

bewailing your loss.

“But what have I lost, to be so crazy?”

you ask.

Something infinitely precious,

something you love so ferociously

that even to remember it consciously

would set you to rending your hair,

again and again.

There is a… Continue

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