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Yoga Poses for Daily Routine

At the present time, if you want to stay fit, you should do some of the other physical activities. People go for a walk, cycling, swimming, dance, and even join the gym also. But often it happens that they are not able to do these physical activities because of less time. Also, one may not be able to take time out for doing all these activities and going out…


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10 Yoga Poses that helps in Weight Loss

Yoga is considered as a practice that makes you calm and composed, however, it also helps in maintaining your body shape and you can also lose weight by doing different yoga poses. Here we have explained about some significant yoga poses that will help you reduce extra kilos from your body and make you fit. The first condition is that only do these poses under…


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Yoga - A proven way for pain relief!

Yoga is a combination of body and mind exercises. What sets yoga a notch above the most alternative exercise programs is that it provides holistic health benefits both at physical and mental levels. Among the full range of benefits that yoga offers one of the key benefits is its positive effect on the pain, including chronic pain. One of the best ways to learn Yoga that can help you cure the pain in your body is by joining a…


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