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Tools for meditation: Mandala-Yantra

Mystical diagrams, stylized geometric projections of the world…


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Yantras and Mandalas


I'm just getting ready for my talk on Friday at the College of Psychic Studies in South Kensington. The topic "Yantras, visual tools that help you to enhance your meditation practice.

Yantras help you to transform your patterns of mind into habits of thought that will bring about the results that you desire. You can use yantras to bring about deep healing.…

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Transformational power of Manipura Chakra

Located in your solar plexus region, the manipura chakra is the base of what is known in ayurveda as “digestive fire”. Digestion is the process by which your body changes matter into usable energy. When you do any kind of work or activity, that energy… Continue

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Right-Left brain activty


I recommend that you read the excellent article by Dr. Jill Bolt Taylor…


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This is a wonderful practice combining mudras and mantras that I plan to teach at the "Spiritual Retreat" that I will be leading in Bad Meinberg 1-6 August


Sit in any meditative position and close your eyes.

“Aaa” chanting…


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Mudras (continued)

Mudras are hand positions that seal the psychic energies into specific channels. They are powerful spiritual tools that can enable you to receive and transmit energy more efficiently. Mudras aid you in the purification of your physical, mental and psychic bodies. Perhaps the best known mudra is “Namaskar” , which… Continue

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