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6 Ways to get back in Shape After Childbirth : Post-Natal Yoga for Weight-Loss

Both pregnancy and child birth are unique experiences that transform one’s life completely. Have you recently had a baby or do you know someone who has just given birth?

Once the child arrives, the body is doing very hard work to go back to normal. The hormonal level has to balance again and the woman might face emotional roller coasters.

If you are experiencing some mental fluctuations and strange physical feeling, then don’t worry! It is totally normal!

Practising yoga can…


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The Hatha Yoga Style: About the History and Modern Age Hatha Yoga

What do you know about yoga? Most of us think of physical postures when they hear the term yoga.

Yoga is not only about the asanas and their positive effects on our health and well-being.

Yoga is about creating union with oneself and realizing that we are all one, always connected.

There are many types of yoga. As yoga is spreading to each and every country, teachers have become creative in inventing power yoga, yin yoga, acro yoga, aerial yoga and much more.

During a…


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Vipareeta Karani Asana (Inverted Pose) – Instructions, Alignment & Benefits

Vipareeta Karani Asana (Inverted Pose) – Instructions, Alignment & Benefits

Vipareeta Karani Asana can be a preparatory posture for Sarvangasana. It gives similar benefits to Sarvangasana with less pressure on the neck. To begin with, it is necessary to bend the knees when raising and lowering the legs.

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Eka Pada Baka Dhyanasana (One-Legged Crane Pose)– Instructions, Alignment & Benefits

Eka Pada Baka Dhyanasana aims to balance the nervous system. It strengthens the arms and wrists and develops a sense of physical balance.

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