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Yoga Teacher Training - Sukhasana Yoga Pose

The simple that means of Sukhasana is to take a seat well. during this posture, we have a tendency to simply sit well. Therefore, this posture is called Sukhasan.One will say that Sukhasana is that the pathway to any or all Yogasanas. this is often terribly straightforward Asan. however even for this follow is important.


Sit well on a blanket or carpet. Bend each your knees. you'll sit in any position you're feeling snug. the sole factor you need to keep in mind is that…


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Yoga Practice Improves Metabolism

Yoga practice makes use of a series of different and distorting poses that motivates the work flow of the internal organs, thus improving the metabolism to burn more calories and lessen the weight of your body. Improved blood and local circulation is a direct effect of practicing yoga postures. Thus, it leads to a healthier and more energetic body.

Whenever the calorie intake is lower than the calorie output, your body starts burning the fat cells in order to obtain the essential energy…


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Yoga Practice Tones the Body

By learning yoga and by practicing yoga regularly, gradually one's body becomes more toned, and become slim and trim. Scheduling time for yoga practice to have effect, and allocating time for your higher self to alter your body, is a much more natural way of becoming slim and trim.

Becoming slim and trim through yoga practice will be a by-product of the yoga practice and not a goal. With regular yoga practice and trying with some healthy foods can definitely provide a slim and trim…


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Basic Steps in Meditation

Meditation is a method that helps an individual connect with his inner self, by detaching himself from the outer world and all its occurrences. It is not just an action that yields spiritual benefits but also provides development in emotional, mental, and physical areas as well. True meditation can be practiced by following certain steps that are advised to be learnt under trained experts.

Basic steps for proper meditation:

The primary steps to be followed…


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Yoga Exercises for Relaxation

Yoga is one of the therapy that provides physical and mental relaxation to the people. After a stressful day at home or office, if you do so some yoga exercises for relaxation, you would feel really good and energetic. Men and women of any age can do Yoga and get greatly benefitted by it.

This will make you feel very relaxed and also keeps your mind calm and cool. Below mentioned are a few yogic postures that can make you feel relaxed.


This is…


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