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Hatha Yoga- A Guide to India's Most Ancient and Sacred Yoga Practice

When we think of yoga, more often than not, we imagine complex poses and associate weight loss with it. Some people think of yoga pants while others contemplate joining the bandwagon to appear cool. The truth is that the real essence and meaning of yoga has long been forgotten. Authentic yoga has been overshadowed by fancy…


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How can Yoga help you in your Life!

In this day and age of moment delight, it very well may be a serious endeavor to put time and vitality into a long haul self-care practice. 

Point of fact, yoga falls under this class of transformative, dependable self-care. It…


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Know which Yoga Style works the best for you!

There are numerous styles of yoga to look over, So how would you realize which style suits you?

Here is a separate of a couple of the most predominant styles. Simply remember that each style-albeit distinctive physically, depends on a similar old way of thinking of having a happy existence and adoring yourself as well as other people.


Therapeutic Yoga-Recover, rest and overview

This is a subdivision of Iyengar Yoga. It was made by Iyengar himself…


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3 different ways to Meditate

Huge numbers of us discover reflection staggeringly troublesome. Sitting, breathing… pausing? What is it just for, in any case? We read articles and watch documentaries on the ground-breaking impacts of reflection, be that as it may, the promise to sit and ponder can be overwhelming. I have discovered some extremely straightforward practices that convey me to a thoughtful express that can be incorporated at any minute in time. Regardless of whether you are having supper, chatting with your…


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The Importance of 7 Chakras and how it can affect your life

We can utilize chakra reflection to help comprehend the subtleties of our body, pinpoint our regions of shortcoming or abuse, and convey mending to those particular vivacious focuses.

Each of the chakras has customary implications that assistance us center around propensities that describe the particular vitality focus. In the event that we ponder upon each middle in a dynamic style from base to top, we become familiar with a more nuanced comprehension of our most profound self. By…


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Celebrate the occultation with friendly yoga poses

Are you prepared for the star eclipse at YTTC in India? scan on to examine however you'll celebrate this event at yoga teacher training in India with some fun and orientating yoga poses.

On August twenty first, the moon can fully eclipse the sun. Folks everywhere the us are able to witness this rare event by…


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Three cleansing exercises to begin your day sort of a yogi

As the quick pace of recent life continues to accelerate, many of us within the Western world have turned to yoga teacher training in India for his or her much-needed self-care. however the standard yoga apply within the West is commonly distilled right down to solely position, the posture-focused yoga that you simply see in most categories. whereas position apply is a necessary a part of the yogistic tradition,…


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5 Meditation Practices You Wish To Understand Concerning

Meditation has come back an extended manner since it initial became common within the West throughout the Nineteen Sixties. a number of the foremost common and effective ways of yoga teacher training in India are currently backed by scientific proof, showcasing the advantages meditation has on the body and our psychological state. whereas meditation has been around for ages, solely recently has it become a region of…


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Your body and breath ought to flow, however your bottle ought to not—at least not throughout your yoga follow. Not water whereas active yoga could sound strange and unreasonable, however there area unit several physiological and energetic effects of water consumption on your body. 200 hour YTTC whereas maintaining an everyday yoga follow may be a little bit of a equalization act however will be achieved by following easy…


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