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Days of the Week in Hindi and their significance.









Som Vaar is dedicated to lord Shiva. His devotees fast and offer prayers on this…


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Australian Schools to Now Teach Hindi

Prime Minister Julia Gillard, who was recently on her maiden official visit to India said that all Australian schools will engage with at least one school in Asia to support the teaching of a priority Asian language -- Mandarin, Hindi, Indonesian or Japanese, she said.

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Kumbh Mela

Before I talk about the coming 2013 Kumbh Mela, I will write the customary few things about this event which you can read from various sources , I have not written anything that is not already known to my readers but I will keep updating about the event on a first hand basis every now and then.

I will update about places to stay, when to reach, and…


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Religious Salutations - Cannot separate the Language and the Religion

As most of you are aware that Hindu is a person that follows Hindu religion or Hinduism whereas Hindi is the Language but here I want to stress on the point that these two are inseparable.

Most Hindi learning websites will tell you and teach you that the basic Hindi salutations are , Namaste,Namaskar,Suprabhat, etc but only a true Hindu will tell you that other very common…


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My city Allahabad is one of the biggest religious and spiritual centers of India. In ancient times it was called Prayag. One of the unique features about my city is that it is situated at the confluence of three rivers ; Ganga, Yamuna and the mythological , now extinct river Saraswati, hence it is also called Triveni.

We can see the different…


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Devanagari - The Hindi Alphabet!


Let us get started to begin your adventure in Learning the Hindi Language. Remember that although learning a language fluently may take years, it is only one small step at a time.

When compared to English, Devanagari is actually a lot easier to read, believe it or not! Compare the ‘c’ sound in the words city and cat. The letter ‘c’ makes a two different sound right? This differences doesn’t exist in Devanagari because every letter has only one pronunciation and so this…


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Hindi Pronunciation

Pronunciation in Hindi is relatively easy since, unlike English, letters are always pronounced exactly the same way. Once you've learned the letters, reading is straight forward and simple

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Hindi shares with English and most other European languages the same ancestral roots.

Hindi shares with English and most other European languages the same ancestral roots. They evolved from a language thought to have been spoken in Central Asia around 5,000 BC, called by linguists the Indo-European parent language. For this reason (and because of the 200-year influence of the British in India), many basic words in Hindi are the same as or similar to their equivalent in English.

The primary source of Hindi is Sanskrit, one of the…


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Introduction to Hindi Language

Hindi is a rich and melodic language, spoken, written and studied widely throughout the world. Learning it will open the door to a fascinating and diverse culture that spans thousands of years of uninterrupted history. There is a well known philosophy that puts forth that when one meditates on the specific sounds of the Dev Naagari alphabet, the written forms appear spontaneously in the mind.…


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