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Teachings of Swami Sivananda's Blog – January 2015 Archive (6)

Swami Sivananda: Saturday, January 31st 2015

Swami Sivananda
Mere outward giving up of things is nothing. It is not real renunciation. Real tyaga or sanyas (renunciation) consists in absolute renunciation of all vasanas (tendencies), and the destruction of the heart-knot of ignorance, the chit-jada-granthi (confusion between the conscious subject and inert object). Contd…

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Sivananda daily reading - 27th January 2015

Swami Sivananda
The circle of darkness and degeneracy has reached its climax. Come now, arise victorious, and step up towards the zenith of perfection that awaits you. Live with a definite purpose - do not roam about aimlessly. Walk with a definite aim. Climb the hill of knowledge steadily, and reach the summit of the temple of Brahman, the grand abode of the life immortal. Contd…

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Saturday 24 January 2015

Swami Sivananda
You came alone, naked, and weeping. You will go alone, naked, and weeping. Then why are you proud of your false wealth and false knowledge? Become humble, meek. You will conquer the world with humility. Become pure in thought, word and deed. This is the secret of spiritual life. Contd…

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Sivananda daily reading - Tuesday 20th January 2015

An aspirant should always watch whether the sight of an unpleasant object or any unpleasant sound causes irritation or agitation in his mind. He should try to eradicate this irritation - he should have perfect control of temper. A weak aspirant, though strong in concentration, is overcome by idleness, and a strong aspirant, if weak in concentration, is overcome by tossing of the mind. Concentration and energy should therefore be well balanced. Contd…

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Daily inspiration by Swami Sivananda

Swami Sivananda
Doubt or uncertainty is a great obstacle in the path of self-realisation. It must be removed by study of religious books, satsanga (holy company), vicara (enquiry), and reasoning. Again and again it will raise its head to mislead the aspirant. It should be killed beyond resurrection, by certainty of conviction, and by firm unshakable faith, based on reasoning. Contd…

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Swami Sivananda: Saturday 17 January 2015

Swami SivanandaThe spiritual path may in the beginning appear to be very hard, thorny, precipitous, and slippery. Renunciation of objects gives pain at the outset. If you struggle hard to tread the path, if you once make a strong determination and firm resolve, then it becomes very easy. You get interest and a new joy. Your heart expands. You have a broad outlook on life. You have a new wide vision. You feel the help from the invisible hands of the indweller of your heart. Contd…

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