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Teachings of Swami Sivananda's Blog – March 2012 Archive (32)

Sometimes I hush up things in my mind. I get mental torments thereby. What shall I do to get rid of this habit?

You must be frank and as simple as a child. Then only you will get the divine light. You

will grow spiritually. Even if it is a horrible crime, you must admit it before a Guru. Then only

you will get his sympathy and protection. By admitting your faults before others, you remove the

effects of bad actions. It serves as a Prayaschitta or expiatory action.

From "May I answer that" by… Continue

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How is it possible that a Creator, so full of love, created a world and a nature where animals can live only by killing other animals that have to endure terrible pain and suffering? ...

Nobody can give me a satisfactory answer.If men kill each other, it is sin; they need not. But, animals cannot live without killing the other animals for food. What do you say? We are anxious for your opinion.

God’s love for the created universe knows no bounds; He cannot be held responsible for

the experiences of created beings. God does not punish or reward anyone in a personal way; it is

one’s own actions, sinful or good, that works as the cause of experience… Continue

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May I enquire how the power of concentration increases?

Concentration increases by curtailing your wants and desires, by observing Mouna for

two hours daily, by remaining in seclusion in a quiet room for one or two hours daily, by

practicing Pranayam, by prayer, by increasing the number of sittings in meditation in the evening

and at night, by Vichar, etc.

From "May I answer that" by Swami Sivananda (1987-1963). More Informations on… Continue

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You say that forgiveness should be practiced. Being not the final authority in my office, I cannot save my subordinates from getting punished. ...

If I conceal their offences

or mistakes, I will not be doing my duty properly and this may one day get me into trouble.

When I forward the reports of my subordinates, they are punished and I feel sorry for it.

What should I do in such cases?

You can forgive the minor mistakes of your servants and subordinates. This cannot bring

in any trouble. Keep your conscience clean. Warn them whenever they commit mistakes. As

you are in the Vyavaharic field, you will… Continue

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Why do different prophets give contradictory teachings?

Prophets are born from time to time to remove a catastrophe and establish Dharma. They

preach according to the time, place, conditions and requirements. Lord Buddha preached, “Don’t

kill”. Guru Govind Singh preached, “Kill”. When Buddha was born, people were sacrificing

many animals. He had to preach Ahimsa to stop killing. Guru Govind Singh had to infuse

chivalry in man. One prophet preached, “Renounce and go to the forest”. Sri Ramanuja

preached, “Enjoy at home. Have… Continue

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I never intend to do any evil action. Is it my responsibility when I do it? If it is, will God forgive me? If He forgives me, what about the fruit of that action? ....

I write to

you candidly, for I have chosen you to be my noble guide. Please forgive me and help me.

You are certainly responsible for the action. God never forgives. Action brings on its

own fruits. Through Prayaschitta or expiatory rites you can destroy the evil effects of a bad

action. You actually suffer in Prayaschitta. Hence the evil effects are washed off. The evil

Karma will not follow you to the next birth. Sincere repentance, Japa, fasting and charity… Continue

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Why should God drive me to do a bad action?

God never drives you to do any bad action. He is always the Sakshi or witness. Your

own nature, your own evil Samskaras, force you to do actions. “Svabhavastu Pravartate” says

the Gita (Ch. V-14). You lack in Viveka or discrimination. That is the reason why you become

a slave of passion. God has given you Buddhi to check passion. Why don’t you use it then?

From "May I answer that" by… Continue

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Can you please give me some detailed practical hints to get non-attachment in mind in our every action?

Think that you are an instrument (Nimitta) in the hands of God when you work. Egoism

and respectability will vanish. Don’t expect fruits for your actions (Nishkamya). How can you

expect fruits when another, viz., God, is working through you? Further, when you are aware that

the world is full of miseries, what is the use of coming back again into the world ? You are a toy

in the hands of God. He holds the string. He is the Sutradhar. Do all actions from a sense of

duty.… Continue

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A Vritti arises: “Let me renounce the world and do Bhajan in a secluded place like Rishikesh”. Immediately another Vritti arises: ...

“Let me remain as a Grihastha and

practice Yoga like Janaka”. How can I know, Swamiji, whether this particular Vritti

comes from the Atma or the mind or the Buddhi? I am perplexed.

An ordinary worldly-minded man can hardly hear the inner voice of Atma. He cannot get

pure thoughts of Vichara also. Any Sattvic thought emanates from the Sattvic Buddhi. In the

case of worldlings, all thoughts emanate from the mind only. He who does Nishkama Karma

Yoga and has… Continue

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It takes a long time to remove Mala and Vikshepa. What to do?

If you want to become a Master of Arts, it takes a large number of years. You will have

to pass through the Matriculation, Intermediate and B.A. courses and then take up the M.A.

course. Even so, you will have to plod on and persevere for many years to remove the Mala and

the Vikshepa. How patiently does the fisherman wait with concentrated gaze to catch a single

fish! When such is the case for a trifling thing, what to speak of attaining Brahma-Jnana? It is

Kshurasya… Continue

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Will there be continuity of consciousness during suspension of breath? Kindly explain to me with an illustration.

Hari Singh was a Hatha Yogi. He was buried underneath the ground in a box for three

months in Ranjit Singh’s court. He came back with life when the box was opened. Hatha Yogis

block the Talu Chakra, the posterior nasal openings, with their elongated tongue that is obtained

through Bahir Kechari Mudra Kriya of Chalan (moving the tongue frequently), Doshan (dragging

the tongue with butter) and Chedan (cutting the frenulum lingua that is underneath the tongue).

They drink… Continue

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How does a Jnani look into the objects? Describe his vision.

This is indescribable. This is one’s feeling. Sometimes when you sleep, you scratch the

body and drive off flies. If anybody asks you, “Do you remember the scratching, the driving off

of flies, when you were asleep?”, you will say, “No”. Similarly, even though a Jnani sees, he

does not see. He is always conscious of his Svarupa. If he likes, he can have a double

consciousness and turn his vision that side and this side also. His activities are like those of

children.… Continue

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I am a theist. Why is it that I become an atheist sometimes when I mix with materialistic people?

Your spiritual Samskaras are not yet strong. You are not yet moulded properly. You

need Satsang for one year more. You should repeat 200 Malas of any Mantra daily (200 x 108 =

21,600 times). You should take Sattvic food only, such as rice, Dhal, bread, fruits and milk.

Give up meat at once. Observe Mouna for two hours daily. Live alone for two hours in a room.

Introspect. Meditate. Watch your thoughts carefully.

From "… Continue

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You have said in one of your lessons that the aspirant should fast only once a month. But Gandhiji and others have stressed the importance of fasting. ...

They say that

one should fast at least three or four times in a month. Moreover, they point out that

fasting helps self-control. How is it that you do not allow frequent fasting?

Fasting does help in self-control. But, too much fasting weakens the body and the mind

and retards spiritual Sadhana. I am also a strong votary of fasting. Fasting is a great

Prayaschitta. It expiates any kind of sin quickly. It has got a tremendous purifying influence on

the heart.… Continue

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Will a Jivanmukta also take birth?

Some Jivanmuktas whose hearts are filled with mercy and Vyavahar Apeksha for

Lokasangraha like the Buddhistic Arhats may, out of their own free will, take a birth¾like Sri

Sankara, Sri Dattatreya or Jnana Dev. They need not do any Sadhana as they are born Siddhas.

At once they appear as spiritual luminaries, do some spiritual preaching, write out some precious

philosophical books, set aright some catastrophe, pass off quickly and merge in Brahman

(Videha Kaivalvam).… Continue

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Yoga practice, they say, is meant only for men, because it is they who require control. I wonder what work is assigned to women, then! ...

Sit at home and breed children, I

presume! But, is it a fact that only men need the Yoga practice? Can women not become

great Yoginis in the same way as men become great Yogis? Or, does it depend on the sex

also? Why has sex stood between women and spiritual greatness?

Queen Chudalai was a great Yogini. She had many higher Siddhis. She even converted

her husband Sikhidhvaja and helped him in his salvation. Read the story of Chudalai in Yoga

Vasishtha. Ladies… Continue

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When I was at Swargashram, your good self told me that we should take eatables from the hands of Mohammedans and should never hesitate from doing so. ...

But our Shastras teach us that we should not accept eatable things from a great sinner.

Mohammedans eat beef. Why should we accept any eatable thing from their hands?

If you think that a man is full of vicious deeds, do not take food from his hands.

If you think that Lord Siva or Hari dwells even in an evil-minded man, if you entertain this strong idea,

you can eat from anybody’s hands. Your Drishti or angle of vision is very limited now. You are

a beginner in the… Continue

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The deer falls a prey to the sense of sound, the elephant to that of touch, the moth to that of sight, the fish to that of taste, and the bee to that of smell. But man falls a prey to all these live senses. How difficult it is for man to free himself from the clutches of these five senses and obtain liberation!

When wells and ponds are full during the rainy season, the water is muddy and not fit for drinking. But when the water gets decreased it is clean and sweet. So also, when the mind… Continue

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Why does God create rogues?

As this is a relative world, there must be rogues and honest men. A rogue is not an

eternal rogue. A rogue is the saint of the future. Roguery is a negative virtue. It is not a separate

entity. Honesty will have no existence in the absence of roguery. The raison d’etre of roguery is

to glorify honesty. Roguery and honesty are the obverse and the reverse of the same coin. They

are mental creations only. Even a rogue has some virtues. There is neither absolute roguery… Continue

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What is God?

If I give you a good slap on your face, who knows that slap? That knower (Vetta), that

knowing subject, is God. When a strong desire is satisfied or gratified, that blissful state wherein

the mind finds rest is God. That which sparkles or glitters in your eyes is God. That which

prompts you to think is God, the Lord of the mind. The source (Yoni) or support (Adhishthan)

for your mind, Prana, senses and body is God.

The tree exists. It shines. It gives delight. These… Continue

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