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Teachings of Swami Sivananda's Blog – December 2011 Archive (29)

Prayer Works Wonders

Prayer has tremendous influence. Mahatma Gandhiji is a great votary of prayer, if the prayer

is sincere and if it proceeds from the bottom of your heart (Antarika), it will at once melt the heart of

the Lord.

Lord Krishna had to run bare-footed from Dvaraka on hearing the heart-felt prayer of

Draupadi. Lord Hari, the mighty ruler of this universe apologised to Prahlad for coming a little late

when the latter prayed. How merciful and loving is the Lord! Do not argue… Continue

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Aspire Fervently

Give up thirsting for sensual objects. Cling fast to the faith in the Divinity. Aspire fervently

and constantly. You will have pure mind. Never hurt a man in thought, word or deed. Always do

good and kind acts. Purge yourself of all miseries and sorrows. Merge in calmness and silence. You

will attain supreme peace and eternal happiness.

Destroy the tossing of the mind through Viveka, constant meditation and ceaseless Brahma

Vichara (Atmic enquiry). Direct your attention… Continue

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Stick To Your Principles

Follow the Truth always. Strive for it ever in thought, word and deed. Be compassionate. Be

bold. Resign yourself to the Lord. There is no room for lamentation and despair.

Stick tenaciously to your principles and ideals. ‘Do your duty without looking to the fruits

or consequences of your actions and God will be with you. Become dispassionate. Learn to

discriminate. Know thyself and be free from attachment. You will go beyond “Time” and “Death.”

From "… Continue

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Be Fiery In Your Determination

Be always cheerful and smile away your worries. Follow the correct principles of living. Be

temperate in eating, drinking, sleeping, amusements and in all other things. Cultivate a very strong

faith in God.

Silence the surging emotions and bubbling thoughts. Do not be carried away by the

temptations of the world. Be careful. Be wise. Get away from the company of worldly-minded

persons. Put your heart, mind, intellect and soul even in your smallest act. Always act with… Continue

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Be Firm In Your Vows

Do your duties properly. Be firm in your vows and true in speech. Possess good character.

Be kind to all. Conquer wrath. Become master of self. Get rid of envy. You will soon attain


Take refuge in the Name of the Lord. Do not think very often of your defects and weaknesses. Aspire fervently. Grow in spirituality. You will attain Divinity.

Meditate on the glory and splendour of the Supreme Being who illumines everything, who

is indivisible,… Continue

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Never Despair

You have got Svatantrya in action. You can do your Karma in any way you like. You can

become a Yogi or Jnani by right thinking and right action. Man is not a helpless being. He has a free

will of his own. Therefore overcome all your unfavourable circumstances. Have courage. Be bold.

Never despair. You will succeed. There is nothing in the world which cannot be achieved by a man

by the right sort of efforts.

Wake up now. Open your eyes. Become a virtuous man. Do good… Continue

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As You Think, So You Become

“As a man thinketh, so he becometh” is one of the greatest laws of nature. Think you are

pure, pure you will become. Think that you are a man, man you will become. Think you are

Brahman, Brahman you will become. Become an embodiment of good nature. Do always good

actions. Serve. Love. Give. Observe Brahmacharya and Mouna. Control anger. Make others happy.

Live to serve others. Then only will you enjoy happiness.

From "… Continue

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Draw Strength From Within

Do not allow the mind to go its own way altogether. Keep your Prana and senses under your

control, and bring the mind under your control with the help of the intellect strengthened by Sattva.

Be slow to make a promise but be quick to carry it out. Cultivate an amiable, loving nature

and adaptability. Be courageous. Never despair. Draw strength from within. Feel the divine

presence everywhere. Dive deep into the Divine source. You will realise the infinite bliss.

From… Continue

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Conquest Of Nature

To live is to fight for the ideal and goal. Life is a series of awakenings. Conquer the mind

and the senses. These are your real enemies. Live under lifelong vows. Conquer your internal and

external nature. Fight against the dark antagonistic evil forces, through Japa and meditation. Soar

high always in the realms of higher spiritual knowledge. Show your manliness and spiritual

strength now.

From "… Continue

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