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What are the eight yoga mudras to overcome any ailments

Yoga is an ancient practice that brings union or harmony in mind, body and soul. Most of the people think yoga is all about that complicated asana that makes you flexible but it is more like a spiritual practice that going to improve your whole persona in the terms of physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. In yoga, there are many hand gestures or mudras done while doing pranayama and meditation that guides the energy flows to the various parts of the brain. These mudras stimulate…


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"You are beautiful. Your inner being is even more beautiful. You Radha (soul) are potential Krishna (God) in seed form. Realise your full SPIRITUAL Potential. Just ignore worldly problems. Worldly problems are not worth your attention. So, muster up courage and you will have defeated all problems in…


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15 Days 100 Hour Yoga TTC Rishikesh

100-hour yoga teacher training is a short term yoga course for beginner yogis. It is for who wants to deepen their understanding of yoga yet don’t feel like or having a time constraint to commit themselves for a full yoga teacher training course. This short term yoga course is generally a part of 200-hour yoga TTC but divided into two-semester. The duration of this yoga teacher training is two weeks so if you are a beginner who wants to get started on your yogic and spiritual journey then…


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All you need to know about Meditation yoga teacher training in Rishikesh

Meditation yoga teacher training in Rishikesh at Rishikesh Yog Mandir is solely focused on various advanced meditations practices, guided meditation, kundalini meditation and yoga Nidra along with yoga practices. Meditation is a process that is highly beneficial for physical and mental health by creating unwavering focus, awareness, positivity in our life.

Today’s hectic lifestyle give a lot of mental stress and…


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Simple Yogic Breathing Techniques for Those Who Face Problems While Breathing

Following are a few very simple Yogic Breathing Techniques for Those Who Face Problems While Breathing such as short breath, breathlessness or difficulty in breathing:

(जिनका दम फूलता है, सांस भरता है या जिन्हें सांस लेने में तकलीफ होती है उन रोगियों/लोगों के…


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Artistic Impulse

the impulse that drives artistic expression is irrational, unconditioned, and impersonal. it is beyond the grasp of reason and its constructions, which allows it to make the being resonate at frequencies that reason is not able to reach, and thus initiate it into experiences that are beyond his comprehension.

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SAINTS COME IN WORLD NOT TO DO POLITICAL OR SOCIAL REFORMS, BUT TO ESTABLISH SPIRITUAL PEACE (संत इस दुनिया में सामाजिक या राजनैतिक सुधार करने के वास्ते नहीं, आध्यात्मिक आत्मिक शांति के लिए आते हैं )

This is absolute truth saints don't come to this world to carry out social or political reforms. यह पूर्ण सत्य है कि संत इस दुनिया में सामाजिक या राजनैतिक सुधार करने के वास्ते नहीं आते हैं।…


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Simple Yoga Poses for Kids | Yoga for Kids |

You might have thought that yoga is only for an adult not for kids as it is all about bringing balance and sense of wellbeing and when it comes to a kid it is all opposite. Kids are always super active and very curious about everything and the yoga give it a direction. When it comes to yoga kids can be considered as a born yogi and yoga can become a medium for them to express their creativity, fear and anger in a most powerful yet effective way with yoga. Also, it makes them more disciplined…


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Various Yoga Poses for Overcoming Obesity

Practicing different yoga poses with back bends along with forward bends will stimulate the metabolism activity. Yoga poses that have an effect on the neck area, where the thyroid gland is located, are useful especially when there is a weight problem caused due to a hormonal imbalance.

These yoga poses are in such a way that they resemble that of a camel, shoulder stand, rabbit, bridge and plow. Moving speedily from a series of these yoga poses can step up the process.



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~ J G M J V S A J

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What are the best yoga poses for flexibility?

Flexibility is one of the key benefits of practicing yoga. As we age our body starts losing its flexibility and improper posture, stress and sedentary lifestyle added more to it. If you are someone who is looking to increase your flexibility then you don’t have to look further apart from the yoga. Gaining flexibility has a huge benefit as it improves joint health, provides a greater range of movement and prevents back pain and other bodies ache. Although there is a huge misconception about…


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200 hrs Yoga Teachers Training in Rishikesh

Spiritual life Home offers one of the world’s best centers yoga teacher training in rishikesh , India. Whether you want to take a break from your busy hectic life or want to revitalize your body, mind and soul; it would be an ideal place for you. There are various kinds of programs that may include morning prayers, Fire ceremonyRishikeshand mantra chanting, Yoga & meditation, Satsangs & Kirtans, Spiritual discussion, Sightseeing of famous holy places, Ayurveda treatment, Ganga Aarti,…


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Health Benefits of Giloy - You will be shocked to know

If you are searching for the herb which can be used in many health problem your search is over. Considering the amazing health benefits of Giloy I can say you don’t need any other herb. …


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The Top Yoga Poses For Better Sleep

If you are not getting a good night sleep then there are chances that you are ageing too fast. As you sleep your bodies regenerates itself on the cellular level and eliminate toxins from the body hence it is necessary to take at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep for your wellbeing. People who feel trouble in sleeping feels more stressed and restless the next day. According to a study people who feel trouble in sleeping are more prone to stress and anxiety.…


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~ J G M J V S A J

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One Of A Kind

Essentially written in one day in March 2013, « One Of A Kind » is an upbeat folk pop summer song about meeting someone who turns out to have special significance in one's life, and eventually becoming so close as to form a kind of unit with them.

Ultimately, it's also about how every encounter, whether apparently desirable or otherwise, actually contributes to one's growth and to finding one's place in the grand scheme of things.

Here are the lyrics…


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Are you looking for Affordable Yoga Practice in Rishikesh ?

For living a healthy and stress-free life, then we must have added Yoga and do some physical work in our daily life. If you are thinking to do yoga, there are different types of yoga which you can perform in the morning and evening as per your convenience.

By joining Rishikesh Yog Mandir one of the most famous yoga school in Rishikesh. Our yoga teaching process associated with traditional and ancient Yoga. There are different stages, postures in Yoga Course for the betterment of the…


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Yoga Poses After Dinner That Can Boost Digestion

It is often said that doing any kind of exercise after the meal. However, yoga is an exception as it is an only form of exercise that can be performed even after any heavy meal. There are certain yoga poses that help in boosting your digestion. Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that focuses on a lot of breathing that brings several health benefits. Although the most optimal time for practicing yoga is in the morning however there are also certain yoga poses that can be practiced after the…


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Yoga To Increase Height

A good height isn’t just limited to physical focal points however it likewise connected to higher IQ’s and a progressively uplifting viewpoint towards life. Yoga can play a big role to increase your height and helps you to become taller by working on a couple of key issues. Practicing yoga regularly can reduce your stress and discharges development hormones which increase the height…


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What is the Correct Yogic Diet? Samaadhi Yoga Ashram

Yogic diet is a vegetarian diet, there are a lot of different ways to be vegetarian, but the yogic diet is a sattvic diet. It means the diet most suitable for development of consciousness, for spiritual elevation, for sharpness of the mind and for physical fitness.

There are three forces of nature, they can be described according their effect, of there qualification on everything in nature. The first energy expression of this principle we call sentient energy. Sentient means that… Continue

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