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‘Yoga’ is a very old procedure of self development and self treatment, created by a few sages in ancient time in India. Here, MahaAnand has described about this ‘Yoga’, which was originated in India. The term ‘Yoga’ is Indian. If there is another ‘Yoga’ in another place, in another form, we do not know about that.
In other side, it happened, the original Indian ‘yoga’ had been circulated by many ignorant in ugly form, in different places, in different times. For that reason, there is a wrong idea in many persons about Indian ‘yoga’.

In India here, four type of yoga is practiced widely. (1) The ‘Hathh-Yoga’– it is like a physical exercise, it is practiced for physical health mainly. (2) The ‘Raj-Yoga’– meditation procedure, it is for mental health and physical health also. (3) 'Bhakti Yoga' ('Maha Sadhana')–it is devotion-yoga. (4) The ‘Maha Atma Vikash Yoga’ or briefly ‘Maha-Yoga’(Maha Manan)– developed by MahaAnand, is a new form of ‘Jnan-Yoga’ (knowledge-yoga), including ‘Raj-yoga’– for self development with self realization and physical improvement, by knowing– who I am, from where I came and where to go.

‘Yoga’ is not a game, not magic or tricks and artifices. It is a science based procedure. By studying and practicing it you may develop your self easily. By depending on 'yoga’, specially ‘MahaManan'---'MahaYoga’ ( a Maha-self development program including ‘the way of better living’ and ‘Maha-meditation’ ) you will get more beautiful and happy life. To enjoy the life more nicely, for self realization and self development, to get a healthy and prosperous life, you will have to practice regularly.


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