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क्या काली को रामकृष्ण परमहंस ने सचमुच में देखा था और वह लोगों में आती है? (Are Claims by Devotees of Having Seen or being Possessed by Kali or other Goddesses Really True?)

It is quite normal to see many devotees of Divine Mother in Bhaarat who claim to have either personally seen Kali or such other Goddesses. Not only this, you visit any typical rural area and you will see many people claiming to be possessed by these holy Goddesses, either for good or bad effects.
The big question that we must ask ourselves is, “Is the claim made by these people of having seen or being possessed supposedly by such Goddesses as Kali really true?”
Every enlightened Yoga-practitioner knows very well that the answer to this question is a big no…!
Although it is altogether a different story when you visit any typical Ojha, occultist who would tell you – “Yes, Kali do often enter her devotee’s physical body and performs miracles like telling you about your past events, getting you ridden of evil Tantric spells cast on you by your foes…” and so on.
Then, you will find many others who claim to have performed certain spiritual practices that led them to have a physical vision of Kali; and some would even claim that Kali physically appeared before them and blessed them with boons…! Such claimants would cite the example of Ramakrishna Paramhansa, the Guru of Swami Vivekananda, of Bengal believed to have been in personal touch with Kali live in 19th century to buttress their claims.
Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee’s Paranormal Scientific Theory and Explanation
According to Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee, it is both textually and scientifically not practical to assume that Kali or any such other Goddess would appear from nowhere before someone or possess them as shown below:
1. Textually speaking, ShrimadDeviBhaagwat, one of the much revered Sanatani puraanic spiritual treatise clearly quotes Divine Mother Bhuvaneshwari as saying, “…Mein sadaa Kaarann ho kar rahati hoon. Kabhi Kary ki shrenni mein nahi gaei... (...मैं सदा कारण हो कर रहती हूं। कभी कारय की श्रेणी में नहीं गई।...)” which translates into English language as, “…I always remain in existence as CAUSAL. I have never descended to category of KARY…”
Spiritual seekers know there are following bodies that any Maanav soul has to leave behind to submerge into Supreme Consciousness: Physical (Sthool सथूल), Ethereal (Sookshm सूक्षम), and Causal (Kaarann कारण).
Physical (Sthool सथूल) and Ethereal (Sookshm सूक्षम) worlds are a part of Kary (कारय).
It is evident Goddess Bhuvaneshwari, according to her own claims quoted above, does not come down to Kary (कारय) which in turn quite logically means she doesn’t come to our own Maanav’s physical world, also.
2. Goddess Bhuvaneshwari is one of the ten Mahavidyaas all of whom have same level of divine powers and working systems. The nine other Mahavidyaas include Kali, Taaraa, Chhinmastaa, Shodshhee, TripurBhairavee, Dhumavatee, Vagalaamukhee, Maatangee, and Kamalaa. Logically speaking, Goddess Kali bearing same divine characteristics as Bhuvaneshwari by virtue being one of the ten Mahavidyaas cannot be expected to visit our very own physical world…! 
In other words, Goddess Kali does not personally either come to our physical world or possess any Maanav’s physical body.
3. Those claiming to be possessed by Kali are actually possessed by some evil or good spirits; and lesser celestial beings belonging to Ethereal (Sookshm सूक्षम) realm. There may also be psychosomatically distressed people who lose their mental balance and start claiming to be possessed by Divine Mother Kali, especially in case of women.
4. Those who claim to have personally seen Goddess Kali with their own open eyes include broadly four categories of people:
(a) Those who have successfully awakened their own Kundalini power. In such cases, their own bioelectromagnetic field starts generating tremendous spiritual energy that in turn starts manifesting in terms of any physical form such devotees desire to see for themselves. These forms may vary from devotee to devotee. Devotees of Hanuman may have it in the form of Hanuman, that of Saraswati in the form of Saraswati and so on…! Such manifested form can even talk to devotee and perform miracles. Ramakrishna Paramhansa’s example belong to this type.
(b) Servants of Gods/Goddesses are look-alike as their own God/Goddess. They are actually Doots दूत/Ganns गण (male divine messengers), Dootis दूतियाँ/Gannikas गणिकाएँ (female divine messengers). They appear when devotees of a particular deity reach a certain level of devotion. When they appear then they describe their own selves as being that particular deity. The devotee is fooled into thinking that the deity herself/himself has arrived…!
(c) In some cases, the ANSH अंश (Ray) of deity may come from CAUSAL world and manifest as devotee’s deity. However, this is rare.
(d) In other cases, some spirit hovering around devotee starts accepting the offerings made by devotee in terms of Naiveddh (food), Roshan Deeyaa (Lit-Lamp) and chanting of hymns, etc. This spirit then pleased starts appearing before the devotee in the form of devotee’s own deity.
So, next time you see some fellow behaving like Goddess Kali or telling you having personally seen her, take it with a heartening laugh…!

~ Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee

(Fotos: Courtesy of Gita Press Gorakhpur)

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