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Radhasoami [Beas, Agra, Dinod, Dhan Dhan satguru-Sirsa] and Kabira pantha [Rampal – Karonthaa/Barwala, Hisar] spiritual masters say that the goddess Durgaa, Sheva,Veshhnnu are lower entities that can't give you spiritual salvation and that only Radhasoami /Kabira-pantha can give spiritual salvation...but, the truth seems to be: the true followers of Radhasoamis go to Shiv loka only, since 5 shabad/heavenly sounds these Radhasoamis talk about are actually the 5 sounds that lead to Shiva only...then, why these Radhasoamis don't see Shiv or Shiva? Simple: their masters seems to have had refused to see Shiv/Shiva and instead preferred to have seen only the light [in the backyard of Shiv-loka]...I myself had followed Dinod/Beas-Radhasoami for 10 years [1994/1995-2005], but I finally saw the truth and turned to the worship of the divine mother Durgaa...! The followers of Kabira seem to go to Vishnu loka only [Vishnu's backyard of light], though the Kabira panthes deny this...! So, dear spiritual seekers don't be fooled by the false claims made by Radhasoamis and Kabira-Panthas…!

The Caution

1. Except the shortcoming pointed out above, the Radhasoami masters have taught and are even today teaching to all the true spiritual-seekers the fully correct values like full respect for feminine divinity, fully staying away from politics, full respect for elders, full devotion to the supreme consciousness, etc…! So, you are advised to pick up these nice social/spiritual values from the teachings of Radhasoamis/Kabira-panthas….!
2. Amongst the Radhasoami-branches, the Dinod-masters are relatively nearer the truth because Dinod-masters give only one holy ‘name’ [called ‘Radhasoami’] to chant/meditate on to reach the level of supreme consciousness instead of 5 holy ‘names’ [Jyot Niranjan, Onkaar, Raarankaar, Soham, Satanaama]that are given by other lines/branches of Radhasoami spiritual path like the Dera Beas Radhasoami spiritual masters….!
3. I have deep personal love, affection, respect and admiration for all the spiritual masters of Radhasoamis, especially Sant Tara Chand Maharaj and Sant Kanwar Pal Singh [the present head of Radhasoami –Dinod]. Sant Tara Chand was a great loving fatherly figure who had blessed me personally [his blessings worked for me] and Sant Kanwar Pal Singh under guidance of Sant Tara Chand Maharaj used to write to me nice comforting spiritual replies to my spiritual queries to Sant Tara Chand Maharaj…! But, then those were the nascent spiritually learning days for me on the way to my present day true understanding of the true spirituality based on my personal spiritual experiences and the spiritual experiences of those on whom I have carried out practical spiritual experiments…!
4. Who is the guruu-drohee [traitor to the spiritual master]? Well, the true spiritual-seeker who chose to change/switch over from one human spiritual-teacher to another human spiritual-teacher is not the guruu-drohee because one of the Puraannas [holy ancient Indian scriptures] clearly says that the disciple who makes no significant spiritual progress under a human spiritual-teacher even after 2-3 years of being a disciple under such a human spiritual-teacher is free to change/switch over from the present human spiritual-teacher to some another new human spiritual-teacher. Why? because, the lack of spiritual progress even after 2-3 years of discipleship shows that the present human spiritual teacher [guruu]-disciple[sheshya] relationship is not getting the desired spiritual results to the disciple and so such disciple must look for some another new perfect human spiritual-teacher…! Yes, the one who disbelieves in the Supreme Consciousness is actually the real guruu-drohee…!

~ Jagada Guruu Maa Jagadambaa Vebhuute Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee

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