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burn -out syndrome or syndrome of " Burnout"

It refers to a state of emotional exhaustion , physical and mental serious condition in which the person collapses due to mental fatigue or stress arising from social interaction and to a work routine.

Usually occur in people whose profession accustomed to caring for others , such as Nursing @ s, @ s caretaker , teacher @ s , etc. depersonalization occurs , a reduction of their usual personal capacity , as if they were not dealing with people .

This situation has been occurring over a long period of time, and finally the person is in a state of inability to continue working.

What happens ?

He feels he can no longer give it more than others,
You feel overwhelmed by the emotional demands of others
Feel that their emotional resources are already exhausted
Rose depleted

What are the symptoms?

emotional detachment , irritability , selective attention , irony, etc .

They produce many defense mechanisms such as rationalization , displacement of affect, denial , etc. .

Absenteeism, drug use or drug use , increased violent behavior.

He suffers chronic fatigue, headaches , sleep problems , hypertension, and various psychosomatic diseases.

Precipitating factors

Environmental factors: regular contact with the seriously ill , sometimes resulting in death, and the families of those who are distressed. In these circumstances there are intense feelings of love, fear , grief, etc . that occur repeatedly.

In the emotional overload usually is coupled with a heavy workload, lack of time , personnel , equipment, etc .

Personal factors : At the beginning of this type of work, although very demanding, are welcomed with enthusiasm, but later there is a sense of defeat by failing to perceive the results to be expected, despite efforts. Contaminated of negativism and frustration , and finally those symptoms appear .


Because of the aforementioned symptoms are conflicts within the family and within the work, decreased performance , motivation , reaching to ignore other people and their needs , behaving in a cold or indifferent.

If you are affected by this syndrome What should you do ?

It is advisable to understand that to meet the other must be able, and for that you must take care of yourself, know your body and understand its signals.

Please make a work rate is not excessive, having regard to the meal breaks , rest breaks, etc. .

When you feel tense , take a pause and try to do a little relaxation , then continue .

Say " no "if you assigned more tasks than you can make.

Seeks to promote teamwork and reinforce the positive aspects .

Set boundaries between your work and private life , look after your home environment , do gymnastics, massage, relaxation .

Lean on your social network : family , friends, co ...

If you find that you get not only overcome the situation and the symptoms disappear , go to a psychology professional to help you.

Recommended literature : Maria A. Manassero i altres . "Stress and burnout in teaching. " Palma : Universidad de les Illes Balears , 2003. Ed Psicología.3

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