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Concentration to Deconcentration = Gita and Newton's Third Law Of Motion...!

Do you really think that you can calm your mind simply by de-concentration? Do you really think that you can just sit and make your mind absolutely silent by wanting nothing, hoping nothing, expecting nothing and doing nothing?

For nearly each spiritual-seeker, the process of calming the human mind is generally a gradual process with the sole rare exception in the cases where a fully spiritually enlightened master makes the spiritual-seeker sit in one’s front and transports the individual consciousness of the spiritual-seeker into the higher realm of the nothingness…!
If you think that you can simply sit down, close your eyes and move your mind into nothingness at one go, you are a fool. Why? Simply because the human mind by its very nature never remains static. It always is dynamic, throwing up one or the other thought.
As any spiritual-seeker who practices meditation shall tell you bluntly, the moment you sit for meditation with your eyes closed your mind becomes hyperactive in the sense that you start recalling even those things or events that you thought you had almost forgotten. The mind starts following the Newton’s Third law of Motion that states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction! The more you try to focus the more distracted you feel...l.
For example, you may start remembering where you exactly kept your that costly pen that you otherwise had thought you had misplaced and been unable to find for the last one month despite best of your efforts!
Yet, you have to concentrate or focus your mind somewhere to silent it slowly. Usually, you do this by concentrating on the third eye centre located between both the eyebrows on your forehead. In addition, you try to focus your attention there by visualizing something like say a beautiful flower, etc. Slowly, your mind gets removed from all the distracting thoughts and fully focused into the big peaceful realm of emptiness or nothingness through this process of visualization.
This is exactly what lord Krshhanna means in the Geetaa when he says that you have to perform action and yet you don’t have to perform or be attached to any action. By concentrating on the third eye centre, you are performing an action.This again shows the Newton's Third Law of Motion at work...!
By achieving the desired result in the form of nothingness, you reach a state of consciousness where you are performing no action! You reach the realm where you are no more concentrating on anything.
Once you achieve this state of nothingness, your mind becomes fully still and you are in the real company of your own real-self in those real moments of the inner silence characterized by nothingness. Your physical, mental, emotional, sentimental and spiritual battery is recharged and you feel refreshed fully ready to handle the daily challenges of your life most meaningfully and peacefully.

~ J G M J V S A J

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