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We all are amazed to see the large number of shining twinkling stars in the night sky and often start wondering as to when and how the universe came into being in the space?

Many scientific theories have been advanced in modern times by various scientist to understand the origin of our wonderful universe such as the Big Bang Theory, Steady State Theory, etc.

When we read these highly scientific theories about the origin of the universe then we are left asking ourselves: Did our ancestors anywhere in the world really have as correct and accurate an idea about the mysterious origin of the universe as our modern materialist scientists claim to have?

A close perusal of the great Bharatiya standard authentic spiritual texts clearly shows that the Bharatiya saints had very clear concepts of the origin of the universe. According to an article titled ‘Upanishattatva’ written by an anonymous devotee-saint and included in the famous spiritual treatise ‘Upanishada-Ank’, number 659, published by the Gita Press Gorakhpur, these two prominent views are: (1) Yogi/Shaiva-theory (2) Vaishnava-theory.

According to the Yogi-theory, the universe originates from a Brhma or Being and ends back into the same. That is to say, it is born and starts expanding. After a certain period of time, it starts shrinking and reverts to its original point of being.

The Yogi-theory is akin to the modern Big Bang theory according to which the universe was born out of a static point in space with a big loud noise and then started expanding. It is continuing to expand. It shall, however, start contracting after having reached a certain elastic limit and collapse into the original point of the beginning in the space.

The yogi-theory is the basis of the non-duality (Advaitwaad) theory of spirituality.

As per the Vaishnava-theory, the creation is an eternal continuous flow or continuity having no beginning or an end. It is as it is. It is infinite. No one knows for sure as to the exact number of total universes existing in the space.

The Vaishnava-theory is similar to the modern Steady State theory. The modern Steady State theory says the universe is in a steady or constant state with neither expansion nor contraction.

The proponent of the Vaishnava-theory claim the existence of a universe called the Golokadhaama presided over by Lord Krishna amidst the infinite number of universes in the space. Since the followers of this theory believe in the eternal constant existence of the creation or universes, it can be deduced that they don’t believe in the concept of the spiritual liberation unlike the followers of the yogi-theory’s Advaitwaad.

Thus, the present brief scientific research paper by Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee should convince you thoroughly that the Bharatiya saints and erudite scholars including the Yogis were well aware of the modern concepts of the origin of the Creation or Universe in the space long before the modern scientists arrived with their own scientific theories of the universe…!

~ Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee

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