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The ancient spiritual texts of भारत Bhaarata, called the Puraannas and other texts such as the रामायण Ramaayanna speak of the existence of the पाताल Paatala लोक Loka or the Nether World.
In Ramaayanna, one reads the interesting story of हनुमान Hanuman visiting deep inside the Paatala Loka to free Lord राम Rama and लक्ष्मण Lakshmanna from the clutches of अहिरावण Aheraavanna, the demon.
Similarly, one comes across the story of the Lord Veshhnnu masquerading as Vaamana or dwarf who asks the King Baalee the piece of land equivalent to three Maanava-steps as a gift.
The king being unaware of Lord Veshhnnu's disguise grants the boon upon which the Vaamana amplifies his own Maanava-shareera and covers Baalee’s whole kingdom including the Universe underneath his own two feet distance.
Since there was no more land left, the king Baalee then gracefully requested the Lord Veshhnnu to place his third step on his (Baalee’s) own head. The Lord Veshhnnu did so and sent the King Baalee to the Paatala Loka.
The Puraannas including the ShevPuraanna talks of the existence of numerous Lokas or worlds in the Universe.

The Shevapuraanna, broadly speaking, talks of and indicates about the existence of following four worlds:
(i) The Physical World consisting of 8 Lokas including the Paatala Loka and the Earth.
(ii) The Astral World consisting of 108 Lokas including the Heavens.
(iii) The Causal World consisting of 117 Lokas including the topmost Brhmacharya Loka.
(iv) The COMPLETELY EMPTY SPACE beyond the Brhmacharya Loka.
The Physical and the Astral World are separated by the काल KAAL चक्र CHAKRA (wheel or WHIRLPOOL of the TIME), a circular peripheral boundary where the sense of the time loses its own existence.
The Astral World and the Causal World are separated by the महाकाल MAHAAKAALA CHAKRA (the bigger wheel or WHIRLPOOL of the TIME), a circular peripheral boundary where the sense of the time again loses its own existence.
It is to be added here that the Shevapuraanna doesn’t mention the existence of the MAHAAKAALA CHAKRA and the fourth dimension of the COMPLETELY EMPTY SPACE. It is Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee who has deduced the existence of this feature.
The description, discussion and explanation about this feature merits a separate elaboration and hence shall be discussed in any of Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee’s future research papers.
Today, we all know the centre of the Earth is a core of hot molten magma. Therefore, the existence of any Paatala Loka deep inside the Earth’s own surface would seem to be a figment of pure wild imagination only.
Then where does the Paatala Loka exist if not deep inside our own beautiful planet Earth? Or is it merely a neurotic phenomenon caused by neurons in the brain that the शिवयोगी Sheva-Yogees perceive the existence of different Lokas mentioned in the Shevapuraanna?

Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee’s scientific theory and explanation

Well, we may find the answer clearly if we consider the Mini-Universes as being spherical in shape.
This consideration overcomes the limitation imposed by the question of as to on what base the Paatala Loka rests upon.
Further, we must factor in the play of the Electromagnetic spectrum, also.
This factoring ensures the proper explanation of the existence of different layers of different worlds existing within any given Mini-Universe.
The Paatala Loka seems to be located in the centre of the spherical Mini-Universe at such a certain frequency and wavelength that it has come to have complete darkness that the mythological texts talk about.
As we move outward from the centre of the spherical Mini-Universe, we come across several different layers each with a different set of frequency and wavelength.
Our own Earth is located on the eighth layer. The Milky Way and other observable features lay on this layer. It is this layer only that our modern Astro-Physicists have been able to track with the help of their latest sophisticated scientific gadgets.
Finally, we come across the layer consisting of the COMPLETELY EMPTY SPACE surrounding each Mini-Universe.
Our modern Astro-Physicists have yet to develop more sophisticated scientific gadgets to be able to have a closer look at the worlds existing on different layers of Mini-Universes such as our own one.

~ Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee

(Fotos/Drawings: Courtesy the Google, Gita Press Gorakhpur, Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee)

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