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Who is GOPAL…?

‘Gopal’ is one of the numerous names of my beloved Kaanhaaa, true…!
The word ‘GOPAL’ is made up of two roots: ‘GO’ and ‘PAL.’ The root ‘GO’ has two meanings: ‘COW’ and ‘RAY OF LIGHT’’. The root ‘PAL’ means ‘the ONE WHO LOOKS AFTER’ or ‘TAKES CARE OF.’
If you take ‘COW’ to be the meaning of ‘GO’, ‘GOPAL’ would mean ‘the one WHO TAKES CARE OF COWS.’ This is the meaning nearly each of us associate with Gopal, our beloved Kaanhaa. Numerous beautiful pictures show Gopal [Kaanhaa] palying on flute with cows grazing nearby.
We all beings are the RAYS/BEINGS OF LIGHT having emanated from the same eternal source of Supreme Light/Being/Consciousness. Our beloved Kaanhaa is ‘the one WHO TAKES CARE OF.’ Spiritually, the word ‘GOPAL’ means ‘the ONE WHO LOOKS AFTER US THE RAYS/BEINGS OF LIGHT.’
GOPAL represents the Supreme Consciousness both as the Supreme Source of Light and as a human being. On the Supreme level, GOPAL as the Supreme Consciousness takes care of us all individual consciousness…! On earthly level, GOPAL tends cows so tenderly…!
For Gopal to be able to take care of us, we must raise our level of individual consciousness to the level of Supreme Consciousness. This needs purity of words, thoughts and deeds aided suitably by various types of Yoga.

~ J G M J V S A J

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