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Take a look at the facts:

•The average person eats 156 lbs. of sugar per year, but only 28 pounds of lettuce and 3 pounds of broccoli. That's why Dr. Seidman invented the Vi Shape Nutritional Shake mix so we can get all the vitamins and minerals we need each day.
•Fat surrounding the abdomen, cutely referred to as a 'pot belly', regardless of the rest of your size, increases the chance of developing health conditions like; heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and certain cancers.
•You need to burn 3,500 calories just to get rid of 1lb of fat. You would need to do cardio everyday for 7 days straight burning at least 500 calories just to lose 1 lb of FAT.

Diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, lack of energy, physical pain and loss of hope...some of the symptoms of being overweight. As you know many people in America are overweight and the numbers are growing. There are so many diets with so many promises that often leave people stuck, frustrated and even hopeless at times.

What if there was something that really works? What if you could transform your life from the inside out in just 90-days? Well, you can!

I recently discovered the Visalus Body By Vi Weight Management System accidentially on facebook. I must admit when I checked into it, I questioned whether it would work or was it another diet gimmick. After researching it, hearing stories, seeing before and after pictures and tasting shakes samples, I thought it could be possible. After dieting for years and being a full figured woman all my adult life, I said to myself "this has to be the one, the one program that is going to work for me."

Enter the Body By VI Challenge.

The Vi Shake burns fat while maintaining lean muscle.... the average weight loss is 6 lbs a week without exercise on the transformation kit. Body by VI is NOT a starvation "Diet"...Body By VI is a sensible, nutritious shake which provides proper nutrition and is scientifically developed with the help of US Government research.

Body By VI is proven to work, tastes great and can be used by diabetics, nursing mothers and children! Here are some recipes which are nutritious and delicious!

Carrot Cake Shake: I jar puree carrots (i use organic babyfood), 2 scoops of vi-shake nutritional shake mix, 8 oz Vanilla almond milk, dash of nutmeg, dash of allspice, 1 tsp vanilla extract, 1 tsp ff/sf cheesecake pudding mix! YUMMY

Frappuccino Shake 2 scoops Vi-Shape Powder 8-10 oz Chocolate soy milk 1 Tablespoon instant coffee Blend with ice

Snickerdoodle Shake - 6-8 ice cubes, 10 oz of light Vanilla Almond Milk, 1 Tbsp Honey, 1 tsp of Cinnamon, 2 scoops of Vi Shake Mix...Blend & Enjoy. (add more honey or cinnamon to flavor). It is AWESOME!!!

Skinny Mint (thin mint) 2 scoops Vi-Shape Powder 8-10 oz Chocolate soy milk 1-2 drops peppermint extract Blend with ice

White Chocolate Mocha Shake 2 scoops Vi-Shape Powder 8-10 oz Vanilla soy milk 1 Tablespoon instant coffee 1 Tablespoon white chocolate sugar free, fat free pudding mix (powder only) Blend with ice

Butterscotch Shake 2 scoops Vi-Shape Powder 8-10 oz Vanilla Almond milk 1 Tablespoon butterscotch sugar free, fat free pudding mix (powder only) Blend with ice

Pistachio Shake 2 scoops Vi-Shape Powder 8-10 oz Vanilla Almond milk 1 Tablespoon pistachio sugar free, fat free pudding mix (powder only) Blend with ice

Orange Julius 2 scoops V-Shape 4 oz vanilla soy milk, 4 oz OJ, 1 Orange Mix in, Ice and Blend

Strawberry Cheesecake 2 scoops Vi-Shape, 1 tbls cheesecake pudding mix (sugar free,fat free) 8 oz vanilla soy milk, 6 frozen strawberries and 1 strawberry nutritional shake mix mix in. Blend and Enjoy

Mocha Mud Slide: 2 Scoops Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake mix, 6 oz Chocolate Soy Milk, 1 tsp Instant Coffee, 1/2 banana, ice and BLEND.... it's so yummy

All shakes can be substituted with any milk you desire.

2 shakes a day will melt the pounds away

1 shake a day for maintenance

VISALUS IS THE FASTEST GROWING NUTRITION AND WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM IN AMERICA!!!! As of this morning 8,922 people have already joined the Challenge this
month. 5 DAYS LEFT, who's down to help break the 10,000 mark?


Contact me and I will personally coach you to WELLNESS!

ý"Challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful." ~Joshua J. Marine

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