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The ancient spiritual texts called the Puraanns speak of the existence of infinite number of Universes several types such as the Mini Universes, Meso Universes, Macro Universe, Super Universe, and Supreme Universe.
But, how are these infinite number of Universes held together? It is really an interesting question.
The Puraanns answer in an interesting manner the above mentioned question by describing the whole process symbolically and figuratively.
Shounak Jee says, in the first chapter of the Skndha/Part-One of the ShreemadDaeveeBhaagwat,”…It is the statement of the scholars of the Puraanns and the Vedas; and it is well-known also that Brhmaa Jee is the Creator of this whole world. Simultaneously, they say this also that the Brhmaa Jee’s birth took place from the Navel-Lotus of God Veshhnnu. Then how can Brhmaa Jee happen to be the independent Creator in such a situation? We can’t declare the God Veshhnnu to be an independent creator, too. He was sleeping on the Sheshhnaag-bed. From the Navel the Lotus came out and on it Brhmaa Jee emerged. But, he the God Veshhnnu was also dependent on some base. The base he was resting on called the KsheerSaagar or the Ocean of the Milk can’t be treated as independent, also because it (ocean of the milk) is a liquid and the liquid does not hold together without a container. There has to be a base of some kind for the liquid. Therefore, Bhagawatee Jagdambekaa, the holder/base of the dynamic and static world, is clearly proved to be the Creator.”
Further, in the chapter six of the same text, the demon Kaeetabha says,”…She (Bhagawatee Jagdambekaa) has created this vast (ocean) water and this (ocean) water is holding together on her as the base…”
Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee’s scientific theory and explanation
Here, we are restricting ourselves to answering two questions:
(i) What is the symbolism of the KsheerSaagar or the Ocean of the Milk?
(ii) What holds different Universes together? In other words, what comprises the inter-Universe space in any given group of Universes?
The light in the visible spectrum is white in colour. It carries the energy.
Our own galaxy is called the Milky Way because it looks like an ocean of the pure white Milk!
The space in any given Universe is filled with the Electromagnetic energy. This energy only has been symbolically described as the White Milk; and the Space has figuratively been spoken of as the Ocean.
Coming to the second question, it’s clear that there has to be some base to hold anything. For example, for a glass placed on a table, the table itself is the base. Once you remove the table from the bottom part of the glass, the glass falls down on the Earth and breaks into pieces because of the removal of its base, i.e., the table.
Let us recall that the Maanav-shareer is an exact replica of a Universe.
The Universes are spoken of as the eggs or spherical in shape.
Beyond the topmost-part of the Maanav-shareer, the soul doesn’t carry any energy during the spiritual ascension. At that point, it submerges into the static Almighty or the Static Space.
The space beyond each Universe carries no energy, the same way that the God-particle or soul ceases to carry any energy on reaching the highest level or boundary of the consciousness!
Therefore, it can be concluded logically that the inter-Universe space is static, dead, motionless and most probably a dark field, due to an absence of the energy without which no motion or activity can happen!
However, it is advisable to carry out further research.
~ Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee
(Fotos/Drawings: Courtesy The Google, The Gita Press Gorakhpur)

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