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First of all, be aware that the Ashrams in India, be at Rishikesh, Haridwar or any other place, are meant to be non-profit entities and as such provide, if possible, food and accommodation free of cost since most of these are run on the public charity and donations.
If at all they have to charge, the rates that they charge in the higher range remain generally within Rs 100-300 per day and night depending on the facilities provided to the pilgrims/travellers.
The accommodation provided by the guest house of the famous Gita Press Gorakhpur, located at Rishikesh is such one reasonable and relatively less costly accommodation for pilgrims to stay at.

1. 30 Days/Night stay - Rs 100 per day and night stayx30
= Rs 3000
Rs 300 per day and night stayx30
= Rs 9000
2. 30 Days simple vegetarian food - Rs 200 per dayx30
= Rs 6000
3. Study Material - Not more than Rs 5000
4. Guru Dakshhennaa (Fees paid to the Trainer)
= Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000
(I)Total Cost =
= (Rs3000+Rs6000+Rs5000+Rs10, 000)
= Rs 24,000
(Rs9000+Rs6000+Rs5000+Rs10, 000)
= Rs 30,000
(ii) Rs 24,000+Rs10, 000
(Extra if the Trainer is an Exceptionally Highly Accomplished Effective Trainer)
= Rs 34,000
30,000+Rs 10,000
(Extra if the Trainer is an Exceptionally Highly Accomplished Effective Trainer)
= Rs 40,000
5. Donation to the Ashram Rs 5,000
Final Cost
(i) Rs 24,000+Rs 5, 000(Donation)
= Rs 29,000
Rs 34,000 +Rs5, 000(Donation)
= Rs39, 000
Rs 30,000 + Rs 5,000
= Rs 35,000
Rs 40,000 +Rs 5000
= Rs 45,000
Thus, the total fees for the 300 hours’ Yoga-Teacher Training Course for 30 days and night at any modest and reasonable Ashram at Rishikesh or Haridwar MUST NOT cost you more than Rs 29,000 to Rs 45,000. At the current foreign exchange rate, it works out to be USD or US Dollars 449.34 to USD or US Dollars 697.25 (at the current exchange rate of Rs 64.54 being equal to US Dollar 1.00).
It is quite clear that any fully accomplished Yoga-Trainer should ideally be able to earn Rs 50,000 to Rs 100,000 per batch of 5 students per month.

1. It is the practical experience of Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee and many other fully competent well-accomplished Yoga-Trainers and Spiritual Masters the world over that no teacher can do full justice in terms of providing effective training to more than 5 students at a time in a day.
Thus, the ideal ratio of the Yoga-Trainer:Students MUST NOT be more than 1:5 during the entire training schedule.
Lord Buddha had only five ascetics or students when he preached for the first time at Sarnath. Guru Govind Singh Jee had chosen only five people to be his Panj-Pyaras or the five beloved disciples. Jesus, the Great son of the Great divine father, had chosen only 12 people as his closest disciples or the Apostles.
There is great symbolism hidden in the fact as to why all the Great Masters mentioned in the preceding paragraph had just a handful of the people as their chosen closest and nearest disciples. It is because they all had perhaps subconsciously and intuitively realised that it was possible to train fully only a few handful of the students at a time and not a very large gathering!
2. Ascertain thoroughly the credentials of the Yoga-Training Ashrams/Studios and their Yoga-Trainers.
3. Find out more information about the Yoga-Training Ashrams/Studios and their Yoga-Trainers by searching online on the internet and by talking to the other persons who have either undergone any type of Yoga-training or are the Yoga-enthusiast because such people can prove to be the more accurate source of information.
4. Ensure that you aren’t fooled by thugs, dishonest and greedy people who are out there to make quick speed money by dishing out nonsense stuff in the name of the Yoga-training. So, don’t be misled by any media-hype about any Yoga-Training Ashram/Studio and its Yoga-Trainers.
5. The traditional Indian Yoga Spiritual Masters never intended to convert the Yoga into a commercial commodity to be marketed and sold. They were wise, pure, pious, generous and highly evolved beings whose sole aim was their own personal spiritual liberation and helping the society selflessly without any monetary considerations. Thus, never ever in your life encourage the undue commercialisation of the Yoga.
6. Ensure that the Yoga-Training Ashrams/Studios and their surrounding environment you wish to be trained at are safe places to reside in and their Yoga-Trainers the people of impeccable sterling character who fully respect your Maanava (human) dignity, your cultural preferences and background.
7. Ensure that you remain in touch with the embassy of your country in India and your embassy staff knows full well about the Yoga-Training Ashrams/Studios you will be undergoing or are undergoing Yoga-training at while you are in India.
8. Ensure that you have the contact phone numbers and addresses of the local and district police officials (in case of any need for help) while you are undergoing Yoga training at any Yoga-Training Ashram/Studio while you are in India.
9. Do behave friendly with the local people and the staff at the Ashram/Studio. However, ensure that you thoroughly remain professional and maintain a safe social distance in the interest of your own physical safety and dignity!
10. Don’t go out of the Ashram/Studio to any place or with any person whom the Ashram/Studio authorities don’t certify to be the safe place or persons to go out with respectively. Don’t keep your money or any other belongings with any stranger.
11. Keep your family back in your country fully informed of your training-progress at the end of the training schedule daily.
12. Always be courteous to your Yoga-trainer, the Ashram/Studio staff and the local people. Do respect the local cultural sensibilities and sensitivities.
13. Teach the yoga to others and help others with your Yogic knowledge generously and selflessly with the monetary consideration not being your main motivating force. You will progress miraculously faster as a Yoga-Teacher if the money isn’t your prime moving force!
14. Try and do carry out further research work in the field of the theoretical and Applied Yoga, if possible.
15. Never do anything that would bring a bad name to the noble golden tradition of the Yoga.
~ Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee

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