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  • In these worrying Corona-times, one wonders how to incentives people not to Venture Out of Houses until Covid-19 Pandemic is Over...

With Corona-19 virus marching lethally across the globe in terms of 3,646,468 infections and 252,429 deaths with 1,200,317 recovered-patients, it is high time governments incentivised their residents to put stay at home and not venture outside.
In short, this is the problem of persuading, convincing and inducing people to make Lockdowns fully effective. Effective Lockdown is the first step in fight against Covid19 with rapid testing of whole population for detection of Corona-19 virus, isolation of patients and
tracing of contacts being the secondary necessary measures.
All countries are facing the problem of ensuring smooth Lockdowns due to various factors in play. We can illustrate this giant problem of Lockdowns by examining the case of the USA.
The USA economy is reported to have shrunk by 4.8% this quarter with unemployment at its highest levels in many decades, nearly 30 million citizens having claimed unemployment benefits.
But, joblessness is no excuse to invite Covid-19 to make a horrible comeback with a big bang in the USA.
The USA has already seen 69,925 deaths and total of 1,212,955 Corona Virus cases until now. Going by the trend witnessed in past 10 days, 1200-2000 Covid-19 patients are going to die if no Vaccine against Corona-19 is found and many more thousands are likely going to be infected with this scary virus daily in USA even in a scenario when Lockdowns continue almost in all states of the USA.
One can imagine the shuddering scenario with unscientific opening of Lockdowns that would cause even more higher number of deaths with unidentified and asymptomatic carriers infecting unsuspecting non-Covid19 people.
The Corona-19 virus is mysteriously highly infective and capable of altering its behaviour making it all the more very difficult to trace it as illustrated by asymptomatic patients forming the greatest chunk of Covid-19 patients in countries such as India.
The USA is a highly industrialized and developed country which doesn't have any shortages of food stocks to feed its own populations for even next 12 months of Lockdown if need be.
Unscientific opening of Lockdowns in several American states is a sure recipe for second wave of still highly uncontainable and uncontrollable unpredictable Corona-19 virus.
Losing 69000 plus American since 15th of March in last 47 days to Covid-19 should have been an eye opener to the federal and other levels of government in the USA.
It's but natural for those who lose their livelihoods due to Lockdowns and receive no helping hand from their governments to think that it's better to take a risk, move out, open their small businesses, or go to work to earn a few bucks to meet their basic needs than die of hunger locked at home.
Millions of Americans have lost their jobs. If they are given monetary non-repayable help to sustain their lives by government, they may not feel an urgent need to risk their own lives and lives of fellow Americans by going out for work.
No doubt, federal government has announced several stimulus packages such as loans, and unemployment allowance, etcetera.
But, the fiscal measures and incentives aren't sufficient. For example, small businesses have to repay these loans advanced to them by government. These loans are meant to help them ride out the Covid-19 Pandemic. Once this crisis is over, they have to pay back.
What the government authorities haven't figured out or are unwilling to factor in is the fact these small businesses aren't going to earn anything on account of all economic activities practically shut. The big question is: is it their fault that they have Locked down their businesses or are put stay at home to escape Corona-19?
The government should/must not ask small businesses to repay the loans they are given during Lockdowns.
Big business houses, corporates and many Republican Senators are pressing hard for immediate opening of American economy for purpose of saving it from nosediving into nadir of economic slump. These elements include, inter alia, Elon Musk and other bigwigs of American industry.
Ground reports are indicating that majority of Americans are so scared and correctly so of the Covid-19 Pandemic that they don't wish to take the risk of moving out of their houses, although many of them have resigned themselves unwillingly to sad compulsion of going out for work to make both ends meet once economy is reopened.
It's high time the American government and state governors accorded preference to saving lives of people to following the suicidal advice of big businesses and corporates whose owners are anyway well-protected from harm's way by virtue of not having to face risk of getting Corona-19 infection since they enjoy luxury of not having to work on frontlines. It is ordinary workers, employees and owners of small Mom and Pop stores/businesses who face the risk more. They have to work on frontlines where they have to come into close personal contact with customers. They become easy prey to infection from customers carrying Corona-19 virus. Some of these small businesses include hair-dressers, for instance.
American president Donald Trump has unwittingly made matters worst and complicated by often making contradictory and confusing statements. He blows hot and cold in the same breath. He sometimes vax eloquent on virtues of immediate reopening of American economy by lifting the Lockdowns. This creates impression he isn't worried about sky-rocketing death toll caused by Corona-19. Then, you come across his statements not supporting moves made by some governors to reopen their respective states. This is a good gesture on his part.
But, Donald Trump must articulate his stand on Lockdowns clearly and emphatically in favour of Lockdowns and subsequent scientifically graded reopening of economy based on results of recovery rate of Covid-19 patients and success rate of tracing the contacts of infected people.
He must use his executive power to reassure each person residing in America by issuing and executing the really effective financial stimulus for each person and small businesses located in the USA as argued by this author in this write-up. Lives of millions of Americans shall definitely be saved from the grinding teeth of Corona-19 virus if the seemingly very simple yet effective guidance given in this write-up is followed in letter and spirit by Donald Trump and state governors/local authorities.
What we have discussed in the instant article applies to each country. Every country must follow the simple wise suggestions given this brief paper.
What can yoga-Practitioner do in such dicey Covid-19 times? Well, they can use their spiritual power and social influence to prod their governments to adopt measures outlined above besides encouraging fellow citizens to ensure the Lockdowns are a complete success in order to defeat Corona-19 virus and its deadly menace.
- Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee
Note: The data given in the article is valid as updated at 06:09 GMT on 5th of May, 2020 on

(Foto: Courtesy of The Hindu)


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