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There are many indicators to find out whether you are doing the Praannaayaama of any type properly or not.
Such as the correct sitting posture with the spinal cord being erect and straight, proper speed of the inflow and outflow of the air from nostrils or the mouth, adequate time length while retaining the breath, etcetera.
The indicators mentioned in the previous paragraph are the general broad indicators only.
Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee’s theory and explanation
The main indicator is whether you fart while performing any Praannaayaama or not.
The Apaana Vaayu functions primarily in the pelvis and the lower abdomen. It is responsible for cleansing acts such as the excretion, erection of penis, urination, ejaculation of semen, menstruation and foetus expulsion.

In short, it acts downward. It becomes a waste energy-product which moves out of the body.
The air that tries to push out of the anus is called the Fart in the English language.
The farting air for the sake of simpler understanding may be called the Apaana Vaayu in the context of the instant article.
The breathing air inhaled is known as the Praann Vaayu. It is often referred to as the life force, life energy, vital principle or the life-giving cosmic energy in the Yoga-literature.

It may for the sake of simpler understanding be called the life-giving breathing air.
The Praann Vaayu and the Apaana Vaayu mix with each other when the former reaches the belly. The mixing may vary.
There is no belching or farting when the mixing is full. Conversely, belching or farting happens when the Praann Vaayu and the Apaana Vaayu don’t mix fully with each other.
The Yoga-practitioner initially experiences a lot of farting and belching while performing any Praannaayaama exercise preceded often by great discomfort in the abdomen.
The urge to fart declines gradually. So does the frequency of the belching phenomenon.
The Yoga-practitioner starts getting a feeling that the farting air has moved somewhere in the abdomen instead of pushing out of the anus.
Then the Yoga-practitioner finally finds that even this movement of the Apaana Vaayu in the abdomen has stopped. Even the belching stops.
This final stage is a sure sign of the Praann Vaayu and the Apaana Vaayu having mixed with each other perfectly.
The final stage described above signifies the excellent streamlining of the breathing process. It means the full utilisation of the inhaled breath in the energy-production process without any loss of vital energy, the loss which otherwise happens in the form of the Fart.
The farting is a type of waste product that is formed during the energy-producing process in the digestive system.
Also, it indicates that the digestive system of the Yoga-practitioner has become much stronger than earlier.
The Anuloma-Veloma Praannaayaama is the best Praannaayaama that helps achieve the final stage more efficiently and quickly.

                                                 ~ Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee

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