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How To Protect Yourself And Your Loved Ones From CORONA-19 Through Distant Healing

Take a few drops of water in your any palm, close your eyes, CONCENTRATE on THIRD-EYE centre (central point on your forehead between both eyebrows) and pray,”Lord, I give to Dr Swaamee Aprtemaanandaa Jee 50% of all good deeds done by me in my life. In exchange for this, Please, save me/my family member/loved ones from Corona-19 virus/other infections. Please, heal him/her”. Then, Open your eyes, drop water from your palm on ground/floor. The positive result shall be: The distant spiritual healing done by me shall do wonders for you/your family/friend by making successful the medication beingdone by doctors/health professionals.
This is so because nothing comes for free in this universe. Secondly, you have to first help me to enable me to help you. I know how healing works, but you may not. Understand it with the help of this simple example: I can drive the car, but you can’t. But, you have petrol and I don’t have enough of it. If you give me your petrol, I can drive car for you and help you reach your destination. Somewhat same is the case with DISTANT SPIRITUAL HEALING. I can heal only a few patients with my limited personal energy reservoir. But, UNIVERSE allows me to tap into its unlimited HEALING-RESERVOIR when you offer your some good deeds to me. I use your good deeds to seek UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL ENERGY which I then am able to use to heal you or some one else.
How quickly you get healed or to what extent depends also to some extent on some other factors also such as: Your Karma-Load and Wish of Supreme Consciousness.

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