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“The three holy PENDEYAANs/TRINIY of Mahaakaalee, Mahalakchhmee and Mahaasaraswatee inside the Holy cave shrine of Maa Vaeeshhnno Daevee in the Trekuta mountains represent the ideal INTEGRATED WOMANHOOD and not the SPLIT/MULTIPLE-PERSONALITY-SYNDROMISED WOMANHOOD. The woman must defend herself/family ferociously against all odds just like the Goddess MAHAAKAALEE. She must herself generate or help generate and sustain resources, wealth, peace and prosperity like the Goddess MAHAALAKCHHMEE. She must be well-educated/knowledgeable like the Goddess SARASWATEE. Or at least, she must try to emulate this feminine trinity. This only means that the girl child must be treated at par with the boy-child. This also means that it would be wrong to assume any woman being inferior to man…!”
~ J G M J V S A J

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